I read Wally(I’m not sure why I read him)but he said the top 3 candidates on the list were not interested How in the world would he know this, as tight lipped as HY was in the b-ball coach search surely Wally is like anybody else ,guessing who would and wouldn’t be interested

It is literally what RD posted a day or so ago

Wally reads this board, where do you think he gets his sources …

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Been that way for a looooooong time.

Thanks hog 2009 hadn’t seen that article from RD.

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Wally always has an agenda and he made the point that the coach may have some things in his past that he needs forgiveness for since he has moved on from those things. That could apply to:

  1. Freeze
  2. Norvell
  3. Kiffin
  4. Nutt
  5. Petrino
  6. Adolf Hitler
  7. Malzahn

So, who might Wallie be campaigning for? Maybe he is thinking Pittman who would have to be forgiven for leaving the Hogs and Bielema to become the Assistant Head Coach at Georgia. I could forgive him for that easily. On the ones in the list above, 2 or 3 would be the only shots at forgiveness for me.

_ally _all reminds me of John L Smith…

None of that “not interested” means anything. I all comes down to money — if you pay the money, they will take the job. Nobody is going to turn down millions because it’s a mess, too big of a challenge, etc. I never understand why the media bites on “it’s a tough job, therefore they are not interested” spin. Maybe back when Coach Broyles was paying new coaches $75k a year and there were no agents, but it’s been about the money and only the money for a very long time now. True if the money is equal, a candidate is going to pick the place they’d rather live or where they have stability, but whoever pays the most gets the coach.

There’s also a lot of disinformation floated during these searches. And as somebody pointed out — might have been Clay or Dudley — “not interested” is often a better approach for one interested in the job than actively and publicly seeking the job.

Did you catch “second chance” —- is Wally talking about the return of Nutt or Hugh Freeze?

Speaking of Wally, anybody remember when he trashed Barry Lunney when he was a college kid quarterbacking the football team and pitching for the baseball team?

I don’t remember the exact wording, but Wally basically called Lunney an arrogant prick. He compared his attitude with that of Joe Nameth (who was known for being cocky and brash).

Yes, Wally has a right to his opinion. However, of all the guys with attitude problems that have gone through UA Athletics, why would he choose someone like Barry Lunney?

Didn’t care for Lunney as a pitcher for the baseball team but I loved him at quarterback. What I remember most about Lunney is how fast he got rid of the football. He would make up his mind in half a heartbeat and fire the ball from sideline to sideline. He was decisive. You know they should show clips of him to our current crop of quarterbacks.

PS Didn’t care for Wally in those days.

Wally did not say that the “top” 3 candidates on the list were not interested. He stated “3 of the coaching candidates on the Vegas list were not interested.” With 10 names on that list, trying to clarify which 3.

At this point I would take Norvell, Kiffin and even Petrino. It is going to be harder to hire a coach to this program now than it was two years ago. Don’t see Malzahn and Hitler all that interested. I know this is not going to sit well but Nutt is slightly ahead of Hitler.

Believe that Norvell or Kiffin may be two of our best options. Perhaps Drinkwitz or Lunney someday after more experience.
Gus & HDN are too polarizing to consider & not what the Arkansas fan base needs at this time.
Petrino self destructs at every job due to his character so can only expect the same at his next gig.

I’m basically just waiting to see who Hunter picks. I’m sure we will all adapt. On the subject of coaches with baggage, maybe you haven’t heard about Kiffin leaving Alabama because he was having an affair with Saban’s daughter. Lord, she is a beautiful little blond (how that happened with Saban as a father, I will never know). Kiffin’s wife divorced him over the incident. She was also a gorgeous little blond. I don’t mind a coach having a little baggage (we all have a little) as long as they don’t bring it into our program. I have racked my brain about who in a position of power at the U of A has a cute blond daughter.

Kiffin may be a great coach & recruiter. But there is usually controversy & less than amicable departures - whether his fault or otherwise. With him, bad history seems to repeat itself, same as with Petrino. Our football program can neither risk nor survive more of the same turmoil.

Hard to know who the top candidates are, considering HY hasn’t told anyone. JMO

This morning he as much as said Hugh Freeze should or would be high on the list. Never mentioned his name, but talked about someone who’d been in trouble & wanting to redeem himself. Doesn’t take a detective to know who he meant.

If we hire Freeze, he better upgrade his bagman…