Wally wrong again

The little fellow says Arkansans were glad Kiffin wasn’t hired, like it was a majority of folks. This board and the Hogville board were overwhelmingly for Kiffin. Most of the fans that really know about the program are very disappointed Ole Miss whipped our butts yesterday and got Kiffin.

Wally lets his personal dislike of a candidate cloud his judgment. Kiffin was a very popular choice. He is about as wrong as he can be about this.

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I’d say majority of fans are not happy about it.

You have no idea if Ole Miss kicked anyone’s butt yesterday. Lane Kiffin is not going to beat LSU, Bama, and Auburn on a consistent basis at Ole Miss or anywhere else. Can he beat the Hogs on a consistent basis? We will see but my guess is yes for the next couple of years. I was neutral on him but would have supported the hire.

I assure you the Ole Miss folks are ecstatic.

As they were when they “stole” Houston Nutt from us, I’ll remind.

How did that work out for them?

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Kiffin was 50/50, the real miss was in 2017 when we passed on Norvell. We may end up with another Snuffy Smith type when the search is finally done.

I’m not sure he’s wrong. I don’t recall that much support for Lane Kiffin in the early days following Morris’s firing. It seems to me he’s become incredibly popular on this board once it became apparent OM was going to get him & we weren’t. Don’t get me wrong, I have a bit of that reaction myself, but it’s still an irrational reaction & one I’m convinced is driving a whole lot of the angst on this board. It will be the same with Drinkwitz if MO hires him.

As for Ole Miss’s ecstasy, I’m with Wiz. I’ve seen their ecstasy go through the roof with every coaching hire they’ve made since Steve Sloan. Their new coach was always going to get them back to Johnny Vaught & 1962. With a few years’ exception scattered about over the past 55 years, ours has always been the better program.

Wally is gloating. He is part of the problem and is completely delusional. How he is still employed is beyond me.

I have a very personal story about the HDN situation. I had occasion to have a business lunch with a lawyer who brought along his partner Skip Jernigan, shortly after HDN was hired by Ole Miss. Skip’s a former teammate and lifetime friend of Archie Manning. His partner knew I am a big Hogs fan and season ticket holder, and naturally the conversation turned to SEC football.

Skip’s a really nice guy, but he just could not help himself that day. He said “We sure do appreciate y’all sending us your football coach. We are really happy to have him.” I looked at him and said, “Let me ask you about that again in four years and see if you feel the same way”. That sparked a bit of further friendly discussion, but Skip remained convinced that his Rebels had pulled one over on the silly Hogs.

I never did get a chance to ask my follow up, but I like to think that Skip thought about what I’d said from time to time as HDN spiraled Ole Miss down.

Thank you for posting this as you beat me too it. Wally is clearly gloating and to be honest I am completely sick of him, his writing, his articles and what he has to say. Half the time his articles come across as someone writing while falling down the stairs. He is always all over the place in his articles and most of the time make no sense. He clearly didn’t want the Kiffin hire and is now taking the opportunity to let everyone know it. Please retire Wally!

There you are Wiz! :sunglasses:

Just shows how off the track Wally’s been forever

I admit my opinion means nothing, but Kiffin was my first choice. My second choice is Skip Holtz. For those who would accept a coach from a non P5 conference then Skip would be hands down better than any other candidate