Wally working hard to influence BOT makes me have second thoughts..............

…on my feeling that CBB needs to finish this season strong to hold onto his job. Whenever Wally starts campaigning for something, I always back up for a second look even if he is agreeing with me. It looks to me like CBB needs a big upset (LSU or MissState will do) and then beat Mizzou. That should save his job, but he certainly didn’t help his cause by barely beating Coastal who got destroyed earlier this year by Astate. In Arkansas, having Wally Hall and the Demozette against you should be a big boost for your ratings. Wally may save CBB’s job for him.

The team that Coastal beat gave Mistake all they could handle as well. Was actually up 20-13 at HT against them. Lot of teams suffered upsets last Sat, happens every year, Upset Saturday

Agree with both of you. It’s not unusual for teams to play completely differently from one Saturday to another. That’s why it’s best to look at the season as a whole. Regardless, Ohio St lost badly to Iowa. No way that should’ve happened. Mizzou beat UF badly. That shouldn’t have happened, either. (Although once the coach is gone & an interim takes over, anything can happen.) MSU barely beat UMass. LSU lost to Troy.

That means we can beat LSU and/or MSU. Win 2 of the last 3 & I say keep CBB & see what he does next year. Lose all 3 and I don’t see any real option. Win one & be competitive in the other two & I’ll just defer to the powers that be. Regardless, I don’t like to see W.H. campaigning to can him.

I Love the hogs .I got a degree there. Have been a fan since the 60’s.What I have seen so far this season I worry that
we won’t win another game this season.

Indeed. Many teams are Jeckyl and Hyde from week to week. M-State may drum the Hogs, but the Bulldogs don’t play as well on the road as they do at home.

I believe a lot of people believe we won’t win another game, but that’s why we play. Anything can happen.

Thank you for this thread! I am rooting as hard as I know how for the Hogs to upset one of the next two then beat Mizzou. C’mon Hogs.

Hope for the same. Win two at least to get a bowl
and more practice time for the whole team.