Wally wants us to play Arkansas State

Well, he says if the Notre Dame game is cancelled, we should play Jonesboro Tech. I don’t know who he is trying to appease, but there is certainly somebody in the little elfe’s ear. He has been banging the drum for playing the Indians for years now. Maybe it is just in his blood from working for John Robert Starr and Fred Morrow of the old Democrat. The Razorback hate is there still. He tries to disguise it as progressive thinking, but I don’t buy that for a minute.

I started to call _ally _all the Keebler Elf. Then I realized that I had much more respect for Keebler than to compare them to that person.

He is so irrelevant.

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Obviously ASU will be suffering financially with no money games, but not sure we can fix their problem with a limited capacity game.

News flash, it’s going to happen eventually!
It’s a football game, nothing to be afraid of for all of us Razorback fans.
ASU is not on par with the UofA and never will be in any of our lifetimes. They will never have much more than a regional fan base no matter who they play or who they might defeat.
I just don’t understand why so many UofA fans and alumni object to squaring off with the Red Wolves, it goes on in most states all over the country.
Personally, I have no problem if the Hogs played a 3 year rotation of ASU, UCA and UAPB at Fayetteville.

While you are possibly correct that it will happen someday, my position is that in scheduling non-conference games, our goal should be that each game should provide some benefit to our team/university; either exposure, prestige, money, etc. If this is not accomplished, then move to another option. What is the advantage of having the superior negotiating position, if you give it away?

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I support the UofA with my foundation contribution! I help pay for ASU when I pay my state income tax! I do not want to pay more money to support a program that can not make ends meet by paying them to play The UofA!

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I don’t want ASU to cost us 1 fan or 1 recruit period. I see no advantage to the UA to play them. None. We can play P5 programs & if we win there’s prestige. If we lose, we lose to a peer. We can play rent-a-wins, make money, and expend little emotion or effort. (Yeah, I know our recent history, but I hope the god-awful combination of circumstances causing those losses are about to be behind us.) We gain no prestige from beating ASU, we’d get their best effort because to beat us would make their season. The small additional revenue we could get from one game with them is a drop in the bucket compared to our budget. All we’d do is create a “rival” who would use the game to compete with us for fans, for media attention, & for state-wide prestige.

If the game is going to happen–and it probably will now that HY has opened the door–I agree they should be put into a 3 game rotation with UAPB & UCA. All 3 games should be played in RRS and we shouldn’t pay them more than about $700k for the privilege. They want to play us that badly, then they can let us have the revenue boost. If they don’t, then play ULM or Troy. As keithguthrie said, use our superior bargaining position.

(You can bet ASU won’t be satisfied with being a pay-for-play in Fayetteville longer than about 1-2 times. They’ll want to play annually in LR & split the gate or do some sort of home-home, maybe a 2 for one. Any of those would be even more stupid for us. But -ally -all has suggested that very thing about WMS.)

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This has always been -ally’s wet dream. He used to have a conflict of interest in this in that his Wife’s brother or some other family member worked for either ASU or the ASU Athletic Department. His whole thing is predicated on playing in WMS and making sure that ASU gets something big out of the deal.

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If A-State wins one, I bet Wally will be the first one to holler “parity!”

Not that he carries that much influence…

I am not going to say never but I don’t think this will happen anytime soon.

Many smaller conferences announced this week they were suspending athletic competition through the fall. According to a count by The Associated Press, 315 games involving Division I teams had been canceled or postponed as of Friday afternoon. LOOKS like it may rain on Wally’s little parade

Don’t mind playing them at some point, not to crazy about doing it when our program is at an all time low but should it somehow happen this year so be it.

Perhaps ASSU will also suspend their athletic competition so that they no longer lose money & require subsidy. That would resolve this discussion about ASSU & UofA playing.

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That subsidy that’s is so essential to their program’s existence hardly ever gets mentioned. If the ASU football program were a private business, it would have gone broke years ago. Even if one considers some form of athletic expense as a necessary part of higher education, that whole program could be done at a fraction of the cost if it stopped trying to be “big time” college football. Between state tax subsidies & student fees, it’s a $ loser. I’d love to see a thorough audit to see how much money is diverted from academics to football there.

That will never happen, too many ASU folks in the Legislature and the upper echelons of State Government that can make sure this doesn’t
happen. The Dem-Gaz never says anything about it either even though they mention Student Fees, etc about other schools.

In my opinion, it’s nothing to gain and everything to lose.

If Nolan had lost that NIT game to A State early on, he may not have remained and we would be talking about that loss for more than 30 years now.

That’s a whole lot of “If” in your opinion and as it turns out it didn’t happen. That was early in Nolan’s tenure as Head Hog, due you actually feel that ASU would’ve been able to hang or possibly beat the Hogs once his recruiting got the program rolling? I think not!
Nothing to fear from playing other programs in Arkansas occasionally, its just a game, get over the insecurity already. Win or lose, the sun would come up the next morning.

Had Nolan lost that game to ASU, it’s almost certain he would have been fired immediately. As a result, everything after that not happening is also a certainty.

That is pure speculation on your part that Nolan would’ve been fired had they lost that game, but Frank Broyles and company would’ve been in charge of those decisions at that time and they new where he was currently with recruiting the type of players he needed for his style of play and they weren’t completely there at that time. Based on those factors I don’t think your take on him being fired had they lost that game has any validity.

Well of course there’s no way to know something like that with 100% certainty, but it’s well known Frank wasn’t happy with Nolan at that time. A loss to ASU in what would have been the final game of the season would have been a death knell. Good gosh, you’re talking about an AD who fired a football coach after the first game of the season.