Wally says next coach "needs time"

Like some assurance that he will get more than 22 games of “time”?

Don’t lose to North Texas, San Jose State, Western Kentucky at home and get blown out when it’s obvious your players haven’t bought in and you will get more than two years.


In October I thought it would be a terrible mistake to fire Morris because it would kill our chances of getting someone who’d want to risk coming here. However, that was in Oct. By the MSU game, I thought the risk of keeping him probably outweighed the risk of letting him go after only 2 seasons. By the WKU game, I thought it was a no-brainer.

I hate we’re faced with the 2 year claim, but I think HY can explain to any new coach why circumstances demanded a change. It sucks, but we hired the wrong guy & there was no way it was going to get better.

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I think everyone in the country knows we are headed down the rabbit hole, especially with the remarkable losses we were experiencing, the program was sliding off the cliff, had to make a desperate move to save what little we had left. If they don’t want to understand that, they just want to get themselves a golden parachute.

Are you talking about today’s column? Because I didn’t see where he said that. In fact he roundly criticized Greg McElroy’s comments about not giving Morris enough time–saying that is why he is only a talking head and couldn’t be more uninformed. The column was mostly about the coaching search and how HY is going about it. He is all for HY taking his time.

Wally did start out by saying that the new head coach will need to be given “a chance”. Maybe you read “more time” into that, but it is not a verbatim quote. Wally’s point was that not everyone will be happy with the choice of a new coach–but he shouldn’t be judged until he has a chance to prove himself. I agree for the most part, but some of the names out there are names with which I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable. But time will tell.

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Well said.

I am in total agreement with you on that.

Good point. It was the headline writer, not Wally, who said the new coach “needs time.”

New coach better be a good psychologist as well as good coach to boost the morale and gain some trust and build confidence back.
Pull together a staff that’s up for the challenge as well. Need continuity across the board without to much turnover.

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wow ya think!!

Ack! I wasn’t paying much attention to the headline, just the content. Now I know where the “more time” in quotes came from. Thanks for the response.

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Literally the title to his column

“Whoever is named new coach needs time”

Wally writes his own headlines…plays off of “Like it is”

Wally writes his own headlines to follow “Like it is”

My question is, “Why are you reading Wally?”



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