Wally says LSU has their man

He does not say or indicate who it is. Who do you guys think it is or will be? The LSU job is a plum one, so I expect a big name. It may be the best job in the SEC because who wants to follow Nick Saban to Alabama?

It’s a ploy by -ally -all. Whoever they hire he will say “that’s the one I wrote about”. :smirk:


It’s likely that O coordinator from the national championship year. The guy with the Panthers. Brady? Or perhaps Aranda at Baylor.

I suspect they have their backup hire lined up (Brady or Aranda) but the AD has always swung for the fences on hiring football coaches. That has to fall flat before a former assistant is hired.

Night Train Lane…

I am going to go on the record to say I know who LSU is going to hire and who USC is going to hire. Trust me on this. Just trust me. I know. Once the hires are announced I will tell you who I thought it would be. I am not going to tell you now of course. Trust me. :slight_smile:


Ed Zachery

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Don’t know his name but here is his pic:



I swear that I saw Gruden wearing a purple and gold tie just the other day… Gruden is going to LSU. And you can take that to the bank!!!


Lootie! :joy:

Let’s hope that LSU has a “no motorcycle” clause in their coach’s contract.

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If I’m USC, I’m just biding my time for Urban Meyer to be fired from the Jaguars at the end of the season.

I’m looking for Urban to have “medical issues” prior to the end of season and retiring (again).


U think Meyer has enough left in the tank to want to tackle another stint in college. I just have a sneaky suspicion that this little test of the NFL waters was the only thing he felt he had not accomplished yet and thats why he did it. Granted just my own thoughts there on that. I see Meyer retired or doing some sort of broadcast type job/analyst.

Let me be really clear: I do not like the man at all. I never have, and I suppose I never will.

The guy is pure ego incarnate. He’s not leaving football on that note, getting fired from the NFL after one season.

No, I 100% believe he is going to take a college job right away and rebuild his ego so that he can feel wonderful about himself.

Look at how perfectly he is set up to win conference championships in the PAC. Who is going to stop him? I actually really like David Shaw and Stanford, and they might be a pain in his side every so often, but Meyer will own that conference and punch his ticket into the playoffs every year. Notre Dame is certainly a good opponent, but that will work for Meyer. A loss is not so bad; a win is huge.

<read this part in James Earl Jones’s voice from Field of Dreams> Oh, Meyer will come, Hogs. He will most definitely come.

I hope they don’t hire Mel Tucker. I think he would be great there.

My Michigan state and LSU friends are both saying Mel Tucker is LSU’s #1 choice.


Hinted Freeze in today’s column.

Maybe the corndogs just like recycled Ole Miss coaches with wimmen problems.


I heard it was going to be Petrino!