Wally’s Story On Jim Bailey

Was the best piece he’s written in years! I actually enjoyed reading it. I remember reading a lot of Jim’s articles as a young kid because I grew up in Crossett and several local guys went on to play at different NAIA schools, which Jim covered. I’d read his articles to see if he mentioned any of the local boys from Hamburg or Crossett. Jim and Mr Henry were must reads along with Wadie.

I also enjoyed Clay’s story on Jim.

It was a nice article, written from the heart. I did enjoy learning about Jim Bailey. Mr. Bailey’s writing didn’t reveal much about himself. The story was always the story. I read his work for years, yet really knew very little about the man. I guess I wasn’t looking.

As an AIC fan I always appreciated Jim’s insightful coverage that is missing today from the GAC. I enjoyed reading his coverage of any sport.

I read it. It started out with “a young man” working under Bailey. I knew immediately that “young man” was going to be Wally. The story about Bailey was good (all seem to be), but had the usual Wallyesque triteness.

Lot to like about Jim, but I really loved his columns on boxing. He knew his stuff.

John Brummett had a great piece on Jim Bailey too.