Wally’s shot at Coach Morris for empty seats

Or something to the effect of his saying Coach better hope the empty seats are disappointment and not apathy…is bush league comment at best.

Unless I read it wrong.

Jury will be out on Coach until he gets program out of ditch.

But if there is to be cheap shots at least direct them as well to the former AD and former coach who had the keys for years and had program in this lowly state. Not just the guy 10 month on the job who clearly has to recruit way out of this mess he inherited.

I don’t live in Arkansas anymore and know to read Wally with one eye closed but that struck me as a cheap shot even for those of us who are mad at program ineptness.

This is what he said:

“Morris better hope the fans are just disappointed because apathy is becoming as apparent as the 34,000 empty seats each of the past two Saturdays.”

I don’t really care if it’s a shot. I’m no Wally fan, but it’s not a meritless comment. I’ve been a very loyal and passionate Razorback football fan for many years – since the early 70s when I was a wee lad. I think I’ve got standing to talk about this.

My issue with the whole program up there is that they don’t really give a damn about winning. They quit giving a damn about winning in basketball after they ran off Nolan. The UA has the potential to have some of the best basketball fans and atmospheres anywhere. But we hired a bunch of terrible coaches, and more recently have let Mike just sit up there, win his 20 games, and get beat early in the NCAAT without doing anything in it. Just because he does things right and is a good guy. Basketball fans are apathetic as hell compared to the 90s and early 2000s. But that’s OK – it’s “good enough,” right?

We let Nutt hang around 10 years, then run off the only coach who ever won anything in the modern era in Petrino. Just because he “lied to his boss,” had fling with a volleyball player and we were supposedly afraid of getting sued. And, of course, football needed to be “fun again.” Absurd conventional, middle-management thinking. And, amazingly, people are still revising history and claiming Petrino wouldn’t have lasted here anyway.

We then hired an apparent drunk from a Big 10 school that wanted to “out Alabama,” and see where that got us.

I mean, my 16 year old daughter could run an athletic department better than this. WHERE ARE THE WINS? WHERE ARE THE DECENT BOWL GAMES? WHERE IS AN OCCASIONAL SWEET 16? And don’t dare invoke baseball or track. Second or third tier college sports. Please.

There will be lots of push back to these comments by many on this board – the “We have a nice college and we’re doing things right” crowd. But those same people are probably part of the insular environment in NW Arkansas and around the athletic department that breeds complacency, including with the media and beat writers. They all think everything’s good enough because it’s what’s right in front of them. And, most importantly, it’s the behemoth that generates big money for all of them. And it’s what they’re familiar with. They’re tight knit and change averse. Again, as long as the $$ roll in, so what? It’s “good enough.”

But let me tell you – there’s a whole world of superior athletic management and winning out there that is not utilized, either intentionally or by ignorance. Either way, it’s awful the UA isn’t requiring its admins and coaches to tap into it. Here’s an idea – go talk to someone over at OU. They seem to get it (see the hire of Lincoln Riley – about as “out of the box” as you can get).

Maybe Yurachek will strip it bare after seeing what a complete disaster it is. Maybe Morris will recruit his way out of it. Or maybe he’ll figure out it’s impossible to win at Arkansas and leave or get fired. We will see. But don’t dare criticize anyone – even Wally – when they dare suggest Arkansas football fans are apathetic. They are, I am, and it’s well deserved. The only reason I’m taking the time to write this post is because I’m about at my wit’s end. I’ve subscribed to this board a long time, but it’s about to the point where it’s all a big waste of time. Nothing ever changes. The same excuses, the same propaganda, the same bad results. My patience is about exhausted.

I do like Yurachek and Morris and am willing to see what they can do, I guess. But they have a big job ahead to overcome the losing culture permeating football and basketball. And the fan apathy resulting from it.

Very good post - sums of the feelings of a lot of people I know that have been spun by the media and official U of A mouthpieces for years.

Lots of folks - more than ever- now know the Emperor has no clothes.

I’d hate to be one of the folks in the season ticket selling business going in to next season.

It’s not just season ticket sales. It’s game weekend hotel and restaurant vendors. It’s the media that depend on newspaper sales and message board subscriptions. The crappy athletic teams surely can’t help that any of those businesses, can they? The only entity that keeps getting rich is the UA Athletic Dept. and (probably) the Razorback Foundation because there is no financial accountability or disincentive to not performing well. The SEC will continue to pay its money, right? That’s guaranteed and feeds a helluva lot of mouths. And I am assuming the RF has a core group of donors that are so rich they keep giving even in the face of these disgraceful on-the-field performances. Either that, or the RF has raised so much money in the past (by duping donors into thinking “it’s about to get better”) they don’t have to raise any present day. We will never know though because the good old boys keep the RF’s books and records a secret – mainly because no one has the temerity to really challenge the secrecy.

I agree with above posts.

My point simply being that the major problems have been around for more than past ten months of new coach.

Many people to blame for years.

somewhere early this year, I did cross to apathy. I’ve worked at Vandy since 1994 and I know apathy towards a program. Franklin brought back some life and actual pre game festivities are enjoyed by many. I don’t get student dissociation in Fayetteville, but I do get it in Nashville. Coach Morris missed his fast lane boogy descriptions and leads a team that is hard to support or cheer. He who shall not be named x 2 in AR led me to the precipice and now I have fallen off the edge. No hope and no reason to expect any = personal apathy. I hope more have held on longer than me. My daughter is intensely loyal, apologies to Fred but she wears her Austin Allen jersey to college day events at her school in Nashville (which is undefeated again, so she is used to winners). I don’t know why as I have not found inspiration to take her to a live game yet

Wally is a master at cheap shots. Last week he took a shot at Jeff Long about the payout to Tulsa. Wally never says anything insightful.

The fan base was very fragile when Morris and the staff took over. It’s different times compared to when Nutt was here. People would still show up even during the lean years. It’s a totally different market now.

I’m stunned how few people show up. Fewer are attending games throughout the nation, unless their teams are winning at a high rate.

I think ADs will adjust their thinking somewhat because of the lack of ticket sales. Will they start pulling the trigger earlier on coaches if the Ws aren’t there in years 2 or 3 vs. the usual 4 or 5 year like the past? I hope not.

What a bunch of malarkey!!! As someone who attends the home basketball games on a regular basis(or did until I moved, now I’ll only be able to attend about 8-10), that’s completely not true. The arena is still filled and we have consistently been ranked in the top 20 or higher in basketball attendance about the last 5 years. And comparing arena attendance in the 90’s and early 2000’s before the amassed amount of sports channels and packages is like comparing apples and oranges. Plus, we’ve been to the tourney 3 of the last 4 years and only got knocked out in the first round once. All the other times were to North Carolina and one of those years they were the national champions. In other words, you have no idea what you are talking about.

The second bold paragraph I highlighted is malarkey too. You cant say “we don’t care about winning” and then “plug your ears” to our winning programs. I understand basketball and football are the main big sports, but to ignore our success in other just to make your point sound better is fallacious.

And try to call out anyone who disagrees with you as being complacent or in works with the athletic department. I’m neither, but I’m not going to let you make a bunch of nonsense up and pass it off as fact.

People in college administrations these days, including ADs and even coaches Richard, think they are entitled to a steady stream of money, regardless of success or how well a job is done. They pretext the need for money it as one to wage “an SEC arms race.” But very few of these people have ever held a private sector job. They just keep asking and asking for money, and expect it to be given to them without push back. It’s either parents or students getting saddled with thousands and thousands of dollars in now-staggering college tuition (which I feel obligated to pay, just to be a “good parent”), or they expect it from the SEC or from big money donors or from fans by raising ticket prices and building more luxury boxes. They exploit our love of the Hogs for money, and yet are not willing to be accountable to put a good product on the field and win, even despite we let them compete very well in the arms race.

It’s sickening the more I think about it. Especially in a state like Arkansas. We don’t have a helluva lot going for us here comparatively speaking. I know how much people care. Broyles knew people cared. That’s why he fired Jack Crowe’s ass, for example. Long didn’t care. Yurachek might care. We shall see. I hope he does. He needs to start acting, though, and soon.

Man, the more I think about it, David Pryor might’ve been onto something.

You’re one of the “it’s good enough” guys. I understand. But there will be fewer and fewer of you in the coming years unless drastic changes are made. Including in the basketball program.

You have to be careful about firing coaches without giving them time. Rebuilding a program is a process. Does the timeline go from the standard 4-5 years to less? If so, I think you’re getting into dangerous territory.

Apathy is rampant right now. People can pretend all they want, but Razorback Football is on the precipice of long term mediocrity — about to be one of the Mississippis or worse — if not already.

My RF donation is meaningless even if it is Broyles-Matthews…corporate donors want all the good seats and will buy them as they come open.

And I ask myself often lately why I keep writing those checks — I can always get tickets and sit with friends in a box. And I know there are a lot thinking the same thing. I feel like a stranger to this program.

I watched a lot of games yesterday. I was amazed at the empty seats I saw. Even Georgia/Florida had empty seats.

HELP is on the way! The 2019 class is rated 17 and may go higher!!! It IS all about the Jimmy’s & Joe’s… If CCM had Bama’s talent, he would win vs AR even if Saban were the coach. CBB was a LAZY recruiter and used “UNCOMMON” as his guise…

“You have to be careful about firing coaches without giving them time. Rebuilding a program is a process. Does the timeline go from the standard 4-5 years to less? If so, I think you’re getting into dangerous territory.”

I am not advocating that Richard. Not at all. What I am advocating is being very careful about whom you hire as a coach on the front end. And then absolutely holding him accountable for wins. And making winning the absolute biggest priority. It has to be. It has to be the culture. If it is not, winning doesn’t happen. The threat of firing always has to be there, but it is unreasonable to do that before four or five years. There are other ways to enforce accountability, though.

I hear you. It appeared things were going the right direction after year three under Bret. Year four ended bad. Even then you didn’t see year five being as bad as it was.

Not at all. I’m just realistic and not basing my opinions off decades ago points of view.

We didn’t have years like this under Nutt. He had two losing seasons while we were on probation, but nothing like this.

I think the OP makes a lot of good points. Accountability matters. I think for all the incentives for coaches to make money, there should be disincentives (?) for losing. Not sure you can hire a coach these days with such a contract, but in a perfect world, that would be the case. (Of course, in a perfect world, first responders and military would receive the highest wages. But I digress.)

There are some things I disagree with. Winning in baseball, to me, is as much important as any other sport. Remember, basketball was as close to a second-tier sport at Arkansas before Eddie Sutton. Norm DeBriyn awakened our senses to baseball and Dave Van Horn has taken the program to new heights. It’s not second-tier to a lot of those fans that show up at Baum.

Petrino did some very good on-the-field things for us and took us to great heights, but he never won the West like Nutt did. Yes, yes, yes, I realize Saban was in the West during Petrino’s time and not in Nutt’s time. But I also know it’s not revisionist history to think that success may not have lasted; we’ll never know. We do have his history elsewhere to consider, and that causes many to think it wouldn’t happen. But who cares? That’s not apathy, that’s saying that’s water under the bridge. Regurgitating the past doesn’t help with the future.

And the future of college athletics appears to be more people staying at home. Everywhere. It may not have hit certain places yet; Alabama, LSU, others may continue to sell out, but how much longer that lasts will depend upon many factors (winning being the biggest). I hope it works out for Arkansas and RRS can be filled again on a consistent basis. But it has been said many times, collegiate athletics cannot continue at the current pace. People just can’t afford it, and given the state of the Arkansas program, it may be some fans’ way of “cutting the cord.” It’s not apathy; it appears to a national trend.