Wally’s list this morning

Nobody but HY knows what he is thinking BUT I seriously doubt will be Drinkwitz or Sonny Dykes!

Your thoughts on Seth Lutrell at North Texas? 1-11 first season then 9-3 next two seasons. He will get a big time chance soon.

Wally is not usually funny, in fact, hardly ever, but he had a good line on Gus Malzahn.

…Again? Seriously? I will have to go with Wally on that one.

Wally’s list was the odds list posted at the sportsbooks.

No original thought there
Just a regurgitation of already published material

I usually regurgitate a lil after reading Wally…….


Dykes wants to stay at SMU. SMU alums I know have heard him say it. Loves it in Dallas. He has young kids in HP elementary schools and has a job with a program on the upswing. Manageable expectations too. They had 30,000 for the game this past Saturday. Great crowd for SMU. He’s getting it rolling. And they are about to have a heck of a recruiting class by SMU standards.