Wally’s Accurate Observation Today

While everyone has an opinion it should not make you feel there’s not hope! I believe the scoreboard is part of winning but what’s happening in order to win big in football and basketball is not worth it! To each his own but integrity and setting a positive morale example for our kids and grandkids means more to me than the score at the end of the any game.
ESPN pumps up the cheaters. The NCAA picks and chooses which schools to punish for violation, and refs show bias to get the outcomes of games to get the best ratings for TV!
The deck is stacked against the hogs and the only thing we have is each other. We need to encourage each other, we need to encourage players to come here and we need to support our hogs! No article from Wally or anyone else will change my thoughts about my hogs!
By the way look at the athletic department as a whole and you will find out we have a lot of winning going on on the hill.

Your post resonates on many levels - It reaffirms my observations about how The Networks, The Officials and the NCAA operate.

Arkansas is winning in sports no one cares about so that is of little comfort - happy for those who wear the tweed jackets but for me - Meh!

I’m not into integrity trophy’s - not an alumi - I could care less for Old Main - I have no attachment to the University but do to the community of Hard Working Razorback fans who gave the program so much energy in the good - and until recently - bad years.

To me Uof Ark Football is the Ambassadors of the Great State of Arkansas and all her people - not just the university crowd

If we are going to simply be glad that we gave the good ole college try without superlative competitive performance than just call it the University of N/W Arkansas and be done with it because they don’t represent the state anymore

Its time for Arkansas Football to produce - and meet the years of promises that have been made

Please note - I’m not expecting a winning season next year - for me - Coach Morris has 4 years to make his case - but only if he can show improvement -

I retire in 23 months and will be moving back to Arkansas to live out my retirement. Please God let Wally be gone. He is a joke for a Sports editor or whateverver his title is.

Wally taking shots at Coach Broyles is almost as bad as Trump taking shots at John McCain. What classless people they are.

MID, best to let sleeping backstabbing dogs lie. :roll:

Wally Hall has never seen a day he belonged in the same
room with Orville Henry.

Wally has been a joke for 35 years