Wally needs to put down that pipe if he thinks we hold OM to 3 pts

and them only hold us to 10 maybe the be the craziest prediction I have ever seen :shock: :shock:

Consider the source

Does the ADG actually pay this simpleton? He is shockingly bad.

Not to mention the “bleeding” against Texas A&M started under John L. Smith in the form of a 58-10 loss in 2012, not under CBB (who didn’t help to stop the bleeding), as your “trusty scribe” got wrong in his column.

Wally struggles when he has to actually try to put together his own ideas, instead of Copy and Paste. It’s kinda painful to read.

I started to read this piece, but quit pretty early.

I have 6-3.

Everything points to a defensive struggle.

Richard, did you fall and slam your head against the wally or just being playful? I see a slight smile on your face that tells all.

Just messing with you guys.

And then he has Vandy scoring 17 against us in a loss! He is without a doubt the worst sports editor of any major newspaper in the entire country! I wish he would retire but I’m not holding my breath!