Wally & LSU QB

Had a good :lol: Wally. Thanks. Often times when seeing something so ridiculous mentioned in an article, I check out the byline to confirm my suspicions. Yep, happened again this time in"SEC FAQ." Wally Hall is touting LSU’s Brandon Harris as being something special as a SEC QB. I am sure Deatrich Wise wants to light that deer up in his headlights again. Hope Harris plays the whole game looking up on his back.

I made the decision not to read anything the little guy wrote several years ago. I’m certain that I’ve not missed a thing. As a columnist he has the freedom to write opinions. Personally I’ve more or less tagged him as a fiction writer. A poor Fiction writer.

Can you link to what you are referring to? Thanks.

I don’t read Wally often either (and have not read this article), and have disagreed with him at times, but only time will tell if he’s correct with this opinion. Despite his youth, Harris’ QB rating is second only to Ole Miss’ Kelly among returning SEC QBs, and his rating was better than many QBs now in the NFL. His arm is stronger than Kelly’s, and his running ability should, especially if he and the offense have the breakout season expected. ESPN and others have pronounced Harris as the “best” QB in the SEC, whether that means “something special” or not.

LSU has a great OL this year, and of course, a great RB, so Harris won’t have as much pressure to do it all himself. I remember Joe Ferguson was touted for the Heisman and didn’t start his last game, and Tony Romo was supposed to have the Cowboys in the playoffs each of the last three years, so nothing is a certainty. Still, Wally’s opinion is an educated one - regardless of expectations for the Arkansas defense - and consistent with the opinions of many of the experts.

I too hope the Hogs clobber LSU, but that outcome won’t make Harris less of a QB.

Here are the only two things I have found.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … a-mania-2/

1. LSU Brandon Harris had some off games, but overall the Tigers’ quarterback was not awful. He passed for 2,165 yards, 13 touchdowns and suffered 6 interceptions. If he improves 10 percent and Leonard Fournette

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … cept-here/

LSU -- Brandon Harris is a better quarterback than he is being given credit for, and if he improves 10 percent, the Tigers will be hard to defend. Leonard Fournette cannot improve; he's too good.

I’d hardly say that Wally Hall is stating that he is something special. I am assuming that I missed the article the OP is addressing.

I have been conditioned over the years not to read anything written by Wally. Since HI merged with WHS I occasionally will select an article and beginning to read will pause thinking; “Who the hell wrote this”? Inevitably it will be Wally.