Wally is at it again

I see that Wally did his annual promote ASU column today and finished with the statement “I bet there would be a lot more excitement in this first game if it was UA and ASU playing”. He wants to stir up all his ASU fans with the “why won’t the UA play us”.

As soon as I saw the title I knew who wrote it, and refused to read it. What a loser!
With friends like Wally, the U of A doesn’t need enemies.

I see people getting so worked up about Wally Hall on this board. It’s quite comical, actually. He is not a Razorback beat writer. He is the sports editor for the statewide newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. This paper is available in Craighead, Poinsett, Greene, Mississippi and Crittenden Counties, in addition to the rest of the state.

I think he is right that if we were playing ASU in game 1 that there would be non-stop talk about it. It’s ok to admit that. He is right about Alcorn State. That game is a complete joke and if we were going to play a SWAC team in that game, it should have been UAPB. Everyone complains about taxpayer money subsidizing athletics and that would have made more financial sense to play a team in the UA system and keep the money in-house. But whatever…

I actually enjoyed some of the history behind not playing ASU.
He is obviously doing his job. he is getting people to notice and talk about his article.

…to make choices that benefit the program, not provide charity for nearby teams that are less successful. I think, when there is a “beneficial to the YouOfA” risk/reward situation, it will happen. Until then, bored sports writers and whining fans of other teams need to be ignored. I don’t think CBB has any problem playing them, but there is no benefit to the YouOfA of ASU growing into a Boise State of Mid America so they don’t need to expect any help from us. They have no problem getting big payoffs from Bama and others so the “keeping that money in state” argument is a joke. They won’t get anymore from us than they do from Bama so they don’t need our charity to get the same cash flow.

ASU played UCA many years ago and almost got beat. They avoided them for a long time after that and I will be interested to see how that playing UCA again works out for them. I think UCA is a bigger threat to ASU than ASU is to The Hogs. JMVHO.

I’ve never understood the “keep the money in the state” logic…does Alabama or Nebraska use a different currency then we do?


He is not a reporter, he is a commentator. Therefore he sees no reason to fact check (as we have seen in the past.) So take anything that he said with a very large grain of salt.

BTW, I was able to avoid reading him. :sunglasses:

I understand Arkansas’ stance and why, but I think it would be great for the state if the game was played.

I disagree, Richard. I think that if such games were played, the U of A would lose fans because some Arkansans would be forced to choose which school to support. Once that was done, they would not return.

Arkansas State would have to win a lot and really bolster its conference affiliation for that to happen. Arkansas is clearly head and shoulders above ASU athletically; that’s why every ASU athlete who is offered by Arkansas flips. Would Arkansas lose fans? I doubt it.

I’d like to see that game, but don’t think I ever will.

One thing you can always count on Wally for is not using any facts. I guess he was going to charge the 10,000 students a $100 to attend this game, lol. We already have 10,000 seats that currently cost over $100/game now in club and suite seats, was he raising them the like amount? Also, aren’t single game SEC tickets $85 this season? I’m really surprised he couldn’t find a way to mention Tex-Mex or Corky’s in this rabble, I guess they cut him off.

Richard, give me a good reason for the UA to play ASU?

Fill the stadium and create a lot of buzz before and after the game much more than say La. Tech or Nichols State or whoever. I realize it’s not going to happen and I promise you I’ll never lose sleep either way. I just think it would be a fun game.

Richard has a good point. We’d never fill the stadium with a Nichols State or the like. Boost revenue.

If we can’t at least think we can beat Arkansas State every year, then we shouldn’t be playing in the SEC. Period (and, ahem, let’s not harken back to Toledo here too much).

And as far as recruiting, there aren’t that many D1 athletes in Arkansas to begin with. Those very few that are would be insane to choose ASU over Arkansas for a host of reasons. Wouldn’t happen. Arkansas and ASU recruit in two very different talent pools.

And do any of you honestly know any Hog fan that would even have the potential of turning into an “all in” ASU fan simply because ASU might beat us one year? I don’t. No way. Silly.

This is an old, stale mindset that needs to be revisited. I’m not sure it was ever logical to begin with, but things have changed and it ought to be considered.

Either way, it doesn’t make anyone a bad person if they think the two should play or if they believe they shouldn’t.

Richard…you need lessons in this message board bravado!


I would strongly disagree with that!!

This game would not help the University of Arkansas. It would help ASU. Why would the University of Arkansas play a game and create a rivalry that might develop the ASU program into something more than small college status?

We don’t need an Alabama-Auburn or Mississippi State-Ole Miss type of rivalry that divides the state.

I don’t see ASU playing UCA. Let them chew on that and get that rivalry going.

ASU has a very limited fan base and not a lot of support on a state wide basis. What is their average game attendance at home 10,000-15,000, maybe? About like a good high school game in Arkansas.

ASU needs the game…The Razorbacks don’t.