Wally Hall

I agree, I stopped reading his drivel back in 1995 and not read a single
thing of his since. I’ve not missed it one bit. #WalkawayfromSmallieBalls

HP plays great competition in really nice environments, but mostly those are kids that are friends that he has been playing with for five years.

I know if my dad had tried to get me to quit playing at Newport and tried to get me to move to Batesville or Jonesboro or El Dorado, I would have begged to finish at Newport.

This is an excellent point Dudley, one that probably gets lost in many of these discussions.

Clemson practiced at HP’s indoor facility yesterday. Chad and Dabo took some pics there:

https://mobile.twitter.com/coachchadmor … 0160075776


I agree that most kids would not want to move away from their friends…I know I would not.

Also, I don’t like kids leaving in their senior year at mid-term to come to college. That is not a good trend, in my view. Why would you want to leave high school and your friends…some of the best times in your life to go to college? College can wait. Make your high school memories and wait a little while longer to grow up.

Because coaches have made it clear your chances of playing as a freshman are much better if you go through spring practice. You only have four years of college ball and early grad maximizes your chances of getting playing time in all four. I understand that completely.

I went to a high school that allowed early graduation, although at that time people would skip their entire senior year; they’d take senior English in summer school and they’d be done. Seemed like about 20 percent of my class did that, and it had nothing to do with sports, but with getting on with their life, whether the next step was college or entering the working world.