Wally Hall

In his column today he said CCM has given Chandler the option of moving to Fayetteville next year for his senior season. guess he is tired of sleeping alone and would like his wife back.

I read it as Wally’s suggestion, not necessarily Chad’s.

You might want to re-read it, if you can stomach doing that with a Wally column. Your reading is not correct.

And I suspect there is no way Chandler is moving to Fayetteville. One in 1000 chance. He’s got more work to do at HP.

I suspect Wally has been hitting the eggnog pretty hard. That piece smells like he is trying to cater to the folks who are whining about CCM attending his kid’s games. Wally is struggling. Give him a break. :smiley:

Plus he left out the hog ladies coach

Best way to read that hack is not at all.

Just read the article again, it is just Wally being weird, doubt CCM takes his suggestion.

All Wally is trying to do is stir the pot that’s what he does best.

If keeping Chandler in Texas helps Arkansas get Prince Dorbah, it is well worth Chandler remaining at Highland Park.

Wally struggles putting two words together that make sense, that is, the last time I read one of his articles, which was probably 10 years ago.

Chandler staying in Texas against better competition will be a better longterm investment for the Hogs assuming he ends up here.

Chandler put out a tweet after winning the state title that I read as saying he and his teammates at Highland Park would be going for another state title next season.

I have not heard anyone who should know indicate he is moving here.

As I said before, I would certainly allow my son to finish at HP if that was an option.

After seeing Highland Park the past two seasons, I wasn’t blown away by what I saw on the field. Chandler and Prince Dorbah are DI, but that’s it.

HP is a collection of good players that are very well coached.

I would love to see PA and LR Christian play them.

Wow! How would they do against NLR and Bryant?

I read the whole column as Wally’s annual Christmas wishes column.

I would expect them to beat HP, but there’s no way of truly knowing.

Just a reminder https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/high-s … cademy-ark

I generally agree with you Richard regarding HP and PA/LRC.

I see you linked to it – PA had a two-game series playing at HP in Dallas a few years ago. HP won one and PA won the other. Now, that was before HP had either John Stephen or Chandler, who are both excellent, elite type QBs. The QB play HP had the year PA beat them was very mediocre to poor. I’m not sure either PA or LRC could beat any HP team with either John Stephen or Chandler playing QB. Then again, I haven’t seen PA or LRC play recently.

I’ve seen HP play live about 30 times the past four years. You are right – very, very well coached, great facilities, commitment to winning, etc. And HP probably has more bodies/athletes to draw from that either PA or LRC. Bigger school than either, I think. I’d probably give HP the advantage over either of those teams. You don’t go undefeated and win three consecutive 5A championships down here without being a force.

In terms of beating NLR or some of the other biggest high schools in Arkansas, not sure about that either. HP this past season has beaten a very good Texas 6A school – Rockwall. I believe HP beat Rockwall last year too. Four years ago – before John Stephen and Chandler played for HP – HP was actually a 6A school. They’d beat most teams in their district, but would exit the playoffs after a couple of rounds. The big, physical D1 players you see playing for the good 6A teams down here would wear down HP. Big running backs and big, fast receivers, especially.

But again, that’s before HP had what I’d call elite QB play with John Stephen and Chandler. You give Randy Allen an elite QB, and some talent on defense (which HP has had in recent years, with several D1 players) he’ll beat you nearly all the time. Both John Stephen and Chandler have had the good fortune of HP being moved down to 5A. That’s undeniable.

If you read Davenport’s link, HP had an 84 home game winning streak when PA thrashed them. At the time, I think PAs QB was a sophomore.

Right. I edited my post. I went to the game. Not necessarily a “thrashing” – typical PA, scoring because of onside kicks and trick plays. And PA had very good QB play – much better QB play than HP’s – from Hatcher. An impressive win, for sure. They beat HP pretty good. But, again, HP beat them the year before. No one ever mentions that.

Why the hell would he sit their and lie?.. The only reason I can think so is he thinks we are a dumb ass.