Wally Hall said this morning

That he thinks Pittman is making his Assistant Coach hires based on the wishes of Jimmy Sexton.

No, I don’t believe it and can’t believe Wally would say something like that on the radio with hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Not Good!

It wouldn’t the first time wally said something without any basis at all. I’d hate to think Sam would do that, but I also doubt he is.

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Consider the source


Maybe the reason, some are saying , we got outbid for Roberts, maybe HY didn’t want to pay the $$$$

For what it’s worth, I saw a ranking of the top 50 DCs in the country last week. Williams was ranked above Roberts, who barely made the top 50 (Odom didn’t).

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Which, if true, is hamstringing our HC and not giving him the tools he believes he needs to win.

Sam doesn’t strike me as someone taking orders on assistant coaches from an agent. But with Sexton involved, Ivan close the door completely.

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_ally _all is really good at writing fiction as truth. I don’t know much about inside stuff but I know this for a fact.


Sexton probably is involved to some extent as he not only represents head coaches but he and his team rep a number of assistants.

He has Odom and briles that I know about on present staff so I am sure he has others.

Wally is/was really tight with Judy Henry, sam’s former agent so sour grapes sometimes speak.


A ha, pike, your final sentence makes sense.

Wally was scoring points with Judy.

Without mentioning names, I’ve heard similar remarks (about other matters) from other media people who were tight with Judy.

Didn’t HY approve Odom being one of the highest paid DCs so that our HC had the needed tools to win?

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I would assume so.

This is outdated but were the highest paid DCs in 2020 - '21. We are not the highest but not too far off.

  • Louisiana State University’s Dave Aranda: ​**$2.5 million**​
  • Clemson University’s Brent Venables: ​**$2.2 million**​
  • Texas A&M University’s Mike Elko: ​**$2.1 million**

To get an idea as to how much DC salaries have risen, Kirby Smart (AL) & Chavis (aTm) were being paid approx. $700k to $750K with most others paid much less.

And some question why/if players should be paid……

Good grief

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My understanding was that Judy Henry told CSP that he needed to get a different agent for the negotiation he was involved in.

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I give wallace hall exactly ZERO credibility. Less than zero.


It was _ally _all, enough said.


Sexton does push his clients for sure. Not saying that’s why Sam picked Williams but Sexton does promote his guys.

I know an assistant coach who believes he wasn’t considered by a HC represented by Sexton because Sexton wasn’t his agent.

Sexton is picking the right coaches and few turn him down.

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