Wally Hall. Great Article

For quite some time I formed an opinion Wally was out of touch. I was wrong. His article today about the refs was spot on!
If Wally can see it and write an article why can’t the Aec office see just how horrible it is!
Great job on the story Wally!

And now we know–you are kin to Wally.

No I’m not kin to Wally. I have been critical of him for a long time. It just makes sense to give the man credit when he finally does an article that shows some truth and is spot on!

I am not a WH fan but he did make valid points. I watched the game again, These “refs” were anticipating fouls that never materialized. I have seen this crew work other games. All three should be relegated to 6th grade BB. No way should one team have that many opportunities while the other team is getting screwed. I have said if before, the referees in this conference are the worst of any of the Big 5 conferences. That includes football, baseball and basketball.

They don’t need to be calling any games at any level! I wonder if they found their see and I dogs after the game?

Oh, no, don’t let them terrorize the children!!! :smiley:

In my opinion, Arkansas did not lose the game because of the refs.

They lost because they didn’t hit the free throws they got - some of which were 1-and-1s - because they didn’t rebound and because they didn’t execute at the end.

IMO, those were all factors

How many one and ones did we have? There were only 11 total fouls called against Moo U! That’s a lame comment!
Gafford missed several. C J Jones missed 2, Macon missed 2. I will look at the box score. Again.
The game was lost by failing to execute in the last 2 minutes. Bardford foul for a turnover and Macon walk. One on one offense. No movement. But you can honestly say the refs were fine Dudley?

After looking at the box score
Macon 1/3
Gafford 1/3
Bardford 3/4
Bailey 0/2
There’s the free throws and I don’t remember the hogs missing the front end of a 1 and 1. It would be pretty difficult with 11 fouls called aginst Moo U.

This might be the first time Wally Hall and Great Article have ever been typed on the same line.

Arkansas never shot a 1 and 1 FT
MSU was called for 5 fouls in first half and 6 in second
You don’t shoot 1 and 1 until the 7th.

That game WAS decided by the biased refs. Sins of
omissions are as deadly on the court as sins of
commissions. The refs were guilty on both accounts.

There is no way to defend what occurred with
the bias that was blatant.
I have no doubt the players know they were robbed.

Just because we could have won in spite of the
horrid play calling doesn’t excuse the reality of bias.

Wally is out of touch, still!

With all due respect, writing a story that criticizes the calls the “home team” (from your readership’s point of view) got on the road is the EASIEST way to make sure that most of them (readers) will agree with you.

I’ll leave aside the issue of whether the criticism of the zebras was warranted, or not. Regardless, joining in with a crowd that wants to tar and feather the referees does NOT make Wally any better of an analyst or writer than he has been all along. IMO, it’s just pandering to the crowd.

Kind of like a comic or musician coming out to greet a crowd with “Anyone here a Cardinal Fan?” (in St. Louis), etc. Guaranteed to get applause.

Dudley’s right. Very late in the game we didn’t get key rebounds plus we missed most of our FT opportunities when we had the lead or a chance to take it. Yes, the FT discrepancy was lopsided, but we lost that game, not the refs. Auburn looks better than MSU to me. We better play tougher and better than we did at Starkville…

I agree with you and Dudley. I’m not blaming Barford or Jones, but Jones 0-2 FG, no 3pt attempt, Barford 4-15 FG, 0-6 3pt. If Barford shoots his normal 3pt% we win. If CJ hits his shots, we win. Yes the FT disparity helped Mistake a lot, but the game ended with a 6-0 Miss St run, and I know at one point in the game the announcers said we “were on 3 minutes without a score”.

I said this on another thread, people are looking at this wrong, we had a chance to win when we played subpar compared to how we normally play, and don’t forget even the NC team lost at Mistake

As for Wally ehhhh