Wally confuses readers all over the world with vague University names!

“…editorial staff is complete with fans not only of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville but also of Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn, Kentucky, Missouri (several in fact) and LSU, …”

:shock: Are there Missouri State fans or University of Missouri, Columbia or Kansas City or St. Louis fans on the Demozette’s editorial staff? Are there University of Alabama, Birmingham or Tuscaloosa, or Huntsville fans? How are we to know without clear and complete names of which institutions he is referring to? We are only certain about the University of Arkansas being the one in Fayetteville, not the one in Monticello, Pine Bluff, Little Rock, etc.

As an example of how ridiculous this Demozette “policy” is that is only aimed at the University of Arkansas, you go to the University of Alabama System website http://uasystem.edu/campuses/ they list:

University of Alabama
University of Alabama Birmingham
Univeristy of Alabama Huntsville

Their “readers” have no problem figuring out who the first one is without the location added. Why does the Demozette figure their “readers” need more clarity. Sounds like a campaign at the Demozette aimed only at The University of Arkansas to me.

I must say - there ain’t much left of that poor horse.

You’re right, but sentences like the one the OP referred to make this a horse worth beating. The ADG’s policy is beyond absurd.

You left out University of Missouri, Rolla.

It’s now called Missouri S & T

And I still think of it as Rolla School of Mines. :smiley:
Am I showing my age?

A little :wink:

Need I remind you, this is Awkansaw, aint nobody knowin bout no univarsity or its lowkation!

I emailed them about this and they gave me some lame ass excuse that that is what the University of Arkansas actually officially calls themselves. To me, it’s just an ignoramus ploy by someone in the higher up ranks who despises the U of A. Some ASU alum or something.

For over 100 years DemocratGazette readers could figure out where the U of A was located, but suddenly the readers were having difficulty determining the exact location of the University of Arkansas. Then the Demozette stepped in, like a superhero, to save the day.

I can see it now…John Brummett racing around the newsroom…his rotund body in a Superman costume… fighting for truth, justice and the American Way. Faster than a speeding conservative, more powerful than Donald Trump, able to leap any border wall in a single bound…Save me John from being geographically challenged.

Actually, that is what they are counting on. They hope all of the furor will die down and there won’t be any lasting damage to their cash flow. I pledge to do my part to stick it to them on this subject every chance I get.

I get what people are trying to do. They dont know, care or read the forums. All it does is stir up another well beaten subject that clutters things. Sure, I can just click off them and most of the time I do.

If anyone wants to make a different, they need to take a page out of Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption. He wrote a letter a week for 6 years and they finally caved. Once he smelled blood, he wrote two letters a week till they caved again.

That would go a lot further toward fixin the problem and it would stop cluttering message boards with dead horses.

Just my humble opinion. Take it or leave it. I don’t have a horse in this race.

Can you imagine if everyone writes a letter (or email) a week, or two weeks for 6 years? I don’t think it’d take that long if everyone does it.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s made people so upset to do that. Now, if everybody took a week on a rotating basis to send a letter–not to Wally–but to the newspaper editor, then it might could work.

Wait! Are you referring to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette at Little Rock?

Ha ha