Wally claims Nutt resigned....

today in his column. I never believed that. I don’t think anybody does, except maybe Houston Nutt. Why would he print that? Now, I understand John White gave Nutt a bunch of money when he left, but why did he leave if he wasn’t fired. Everyone knew the LSU game was his last and he was being bounced.

Is Wally trying to revise the Razorback history books? Weird…

I’ll answer your question with a question in return.

Why are you still ready Wally?

The best cure for what ails you is to just ignore his columns.

Wally is re-opening old wounds - stirring the pot - his specialty.

It was a negotiated resignation. Absolutely, it was a resignation. Most of the time, it does go down as an official resignation. Seldom does the final pen stroke on a contract go as a termination. John White gave him the golden parachute and Houston resigned. Pure and simple. So that’s absolutely the truth.

They were saying go away, not trying to talk him out of leaving?

The statement might have been accurate, but it was misleading. “Resigned under pressure” or “resigned following mutual agreement” or some such words would’ve been better. However, I followed Wiz’s lead & simply didn’t read the column.

I have always written that Nutt resigned. I don’t think it matters to most whether it was forced, mutual, his decision, etc. He resigned and both parties moved on.

Essentially Fake News.
Nutt “resigned” tantamount to “the condemned walked to the gallows without force.”

Tom Murphy and Bob Holt are recapping the top 25 Arkansas games of the SEC era. Wally added a few of his thoughts. Not seeing the stirring of the pot.

Please don’t bring the fake news nonsense here. It’s nauseating that this has become a mantra for people who don’t like what they read/hear.

We all know Nutt resigned because he had no other option, but there’s nothing fake about calling it a resignation. That’s exactly what it was. For better or worse, the administration decided to go this route instead of firing him. They let him resign.

Happens every year in every sport.

Richard, there were things brought up in that column that didn’t need to be rehashed again and you know it…,garbage that had nothing to do with the unparalleled performance on the field that night.

At least, you are loyal. :!:

Rehashed? I think most like to hear the behind the scenes stuff.

FWIW, Wally and I don’t agree on a lot of things. Playing games in LR is one. I understand the need to play in LR over the years, but that time has passed.

I just don’t understand all the hate. Nothing wrong with disagreeing, but the other stuff is bit much.

Rehashed? I think most like to hear the behind the scenes stuff.

Behind the scenes? Really? Were you in a cave 10 years ago?

Obviously some didn’t know. Not everyone is informed as you.

:slight_smile: sorry to hit a nerve.

Well, Richard Nixon resigned too. A lot of people wanted Nutt to leave, and he wasn’t going to be as happy as possible if he had tried to stay, but Nutt did resign. Wally was not mistaken.

He was gone before the Mississippi State game that year. He spoke to a former player and said he had been let go. He was in talks with Baylor, SMU, and Ole Miss, or at least Sexton (his agent) was, he told the player. But usually when you just up and quit on your own accord, you don’t take a 3 million dollar severance with you.

I wrote before the Mississippi State game that I did not expect him to return. It was a “negotiated resignation” in every sense of the phrase.