Wally brings the heat....

Wally usually dances around the hard truths, but he brought some fire today. Give him credit for actually speaking his mind. He usually doesn’t “tell it like it is”…but he did today. Thanks, Wally. Keep it up.

Wally ain’t getting any Christmas cards from Chad.

Wally writes what he thinks readers want to read. Coach Morris is in the same situation as Nolan in his first season, trying to fit his style to players with no knowledge of the hurry up offense. I don’t think Wally was a big fan of Nolan early on. He was playing with average lineman and little or no speed at skill positions. Give him time to incorporate these new players coming in to his system and he will be fine.

Wally writes an opinion column.

Many of us care less about his opinions.

I’ve read 1 article of his in the last 5 years and regretted wasting my time.

It is just not like Wally to be this critical, negative, whatever you want to call it, about a coach in his first year. Wally, like a lot of us, is angry at the past 7 years. Coach Morris is at a disadvantage because we have never hired a new coach in my lifetime after so many seasons of bad football. The fans and just about anybody who care about Razorback football are lean in the patience department. I am just surprised he gave it to Coach Morris pretty good.

That kind of article from Wally usually comes after 3-4 years, not this early.

Go back 30 plus years. _ally was bringing all kinds of heat at Nolan Richardson his first two years.

And this time, his opinion was spot-on…

The question is, from whom or what did he appropriate said “opinion”. Wally’s column is not a place to go for original thought.

I don’t read him but if he is mad, it probably isn’t because the UA is losing in football.

And this time, his opinion was spot-on…



In your “opinion”…

Good one ! :sunglasses:

Lot of folks did, not just Wally. Although that doesn’t make it right. If they don’t beat Arkansas State in the NIT, Nolan is fired and the basketball program never takes off.

As for comparing Chad’s first year to Nolan’s, I don’t think it’s remotely comparable. Nolan took over a very healthy program, albeit players that were used to a slow-it-down, seven passes before anyone takes a shot philosophy.

Chad has inherited a very unhealthy program that is almost in complete disarray. If he ever wins 9 games, even if given 5-6 years, I’ll be shocked.

34 yrs of season tickets in Fayetteville, missed 4 games in that span. 8 yrs of season tickets in LR as well, '89 to '96, no misses. One road game a year for the last ten years, this season had more to do with LACK of coaching than lack of talent. One of the reasoning behind the Bielema firing was the schedule set up & talent back that the Hogs would make a bowl game this year and it would then make it harder to fire him. Hey, I remember. Well, you have “Country Club” Chad who knows absolutely nothing about SEC football. This is THE poorest coached team and the weakest team I ever remember, and yes, that includes the Smith year. Friday’s game was the latest example. The R-DE was killing Storey rolling right cause no one blocked backside. Rule, ALWAYS block backside so your QB doesn’t get killed. If pressure comes in his face, he can avoid or get down to protect himself. First and goal inside the 10 yd line because Devwah had shown himself the true SEC back that he is by running hard up inside with patience, following his blocks and making the proper cuts. On 4th down, reminiscent of Nutt, roll into the boundary with a one man out route. That had nothing to do with talent. If Chad is so great, why could he not win down on Mockingbid Ln ?