Wally Article today

As usual he showed how uninformed he is.
Hogs record against the opponents in the CWS.
Texas and Texas Tech 3-0
Florida 1-2 ( actually 2-2)
Moo U 0-3

Then goes to horse racing! What a joke!
I could care leads about hearing about horse racing on this board. I didn’t realize he wrote the article until it changed the topic from our hogs too horse racing!

Serious question, why do you read his column?

I went through the board forum this morning and open it and didn’t notice he wrote it until after I got to the horse racing junk! Then I scrolled back up to find it was him!

I stopped reading Wally when he attacked Nolan over and over again. Don’t waste your time reading anything he writes. I confronted him a long time ago at Barton Coliseum. Wally is good at one thing! Moonwalking!!!

Aha, Army. I have accidentally clicked on his articles in the past. The minute I see the author, I close the darned thing.

Learning “Copy and Paste”, saved Wally’s career.

We left Arkansas in 1998 moving to Chattanooga. I missed daily Arkansas news (especially sports) so along the way I subscribed online. I’ve never like Wally Hall but finally I was so disgusted with him I dropped my subscription - that has been over a decade ago. I also vowed never to read anything he writer again. I’ve pretty much kept that promise with the exception of starting something he wrote before realizing it was him. And it typically takes very little time to know it’s him.

No use for him. For many reasons. I’ll just keep those to myself. But the Nolan thing is high on the list.

They sent the wrong Wally to the moon…

I’ve always heard bad things about Wally, but I’ve never understood. I’m no fan, but I’ve never heard the full story on him.

I don’t read him anymore but the headline on his column today (Thursday)is talking about Football. Since the Hogs are in the CWS you would think he have a article about our Hogs.

He might as well do an article about global warming! His product knowledge may actually be better on that subject matter!