Wallie says the new coach will have to be forgiven -----------------------

Wallie always has an agenda and he made the point in today’s editoral that the coach may have some things in his past that he needs forgiveness for since he has moved on from those things. That could apply to:

  1. Freeze
  2. Norvell
  3. Kiffin
  4. Nutt
  5. Petrino
  6. Adolf Hitler
  7. Malzahn

So, who might Wallie be campaigning for? Maybe he is thinking Pittman who would have to be forgiven for leaving the Hogs and Bielema to become the Assistant Head Coach at Georgia. I could forgive him for that easily. On the ones in the list above, 2 or 3 would be the only shots at forgiveness for me. The others would shatter the fan base. JMVVVVVVHO

I would take Hitler over Gus!

No one seems to be able to locate him and besides I have enough trouble understanding Orgeron.

Well, that mystery is solved…we now know the reason Wally had no inside information from the Hill these past few decades. He gave out Coach Broyles’s fax number on TV during the coaching search that ended with the hire of Houston Dale. I would have loved to have been a fly on that wall in Coach Broyles office that day.

“Nevah, evah let that little man in my office, and nevah, evah put him through if he calls. Evah”.

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Well… even Gus is preferable over Hitler. I know you’re just joking.

I read that to mean Freeze. I suppose it could indeed include those others, but it just screamed Freeze to me. I think I remember the article suggesting the person had repented (my word, not his) That’d narrow it to Freeze & Petrino. To my knowledge, none of the others has acknowledged doing anything wrong. But if we narrow it to Freeze & Petrino, I can’t imagine him suggesting we bring Petrino back.

I could be way off base, but it sure struck me as a column about Freeze.

Me too.

I don’t want Freeze, unfortunately we don’t have say in it, but I HOPE we don’t look that way.

I would take Freeze over Gus! But I doubt our BOT would approve him. That’s just my opinion. The AD may pass the forgiven list to the BOT for input prior to going after those for interviews. That’s just a thought.

There’s a coach out there that can motivate and coach up players and they will find one!

Well, do you want NCAA investigators or do you want a repentant Petrino. I will take Petrino over Freeze every time. And over inexperienced coaches and retreads. Norvell looked like the choice 2 years ago and he still does.

We need a great coach to minimize our stay in football purgatory. We also need some wins while the rebuild continues. I think that Petrino can get the job done quicker and better than any of the realistic candidates.

My #1 choice is Norvell. Next is Petrino. After that most anybody except Nutt.

FYI, Frank had a public home phone number and always answered it. No problem calling him. Ever.

I had forgotten this until you said it, but when Lou left, my dad was very upset. Called information (what we used to do before the internet!) and got a number for Frank and called it. Dad was shocked when Frank answered the phone and discussed the situation with him. Totally forgot about it.