Wallets beat Vandy again, 5-3

Hogs now alone in first place in the SEC at 15-6 with a three-way tie for second. Vandy, EOE and Moo U are all 14-7.

That helps. Maybe the hogs can get 3 good starts this weekend at home against Georgia. Just take 1 game at a time. Win the series and maybe get the sweep. It’s going to be a tight finish.

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The thing we have going for us is that we swept MSU, so own the tie breaker against them…and if we end up tying with Vandy, since we didn’t play each other, (I believe) they start the tie breaker by looking at how you did against the 3rd place team, and then 4th place, etc. If MSU is that team, that’s good for us.

However, the other possibility in all of this is Tennessee. If we tie for the top with them alone, the first tie breaker would be head to head, which makes our trip to Knoxville in 2 weeks very important. Also, the Vols could end up being that 3rd place team in the first scenario I mentioned, and Vandy won their series with UT 2-1…so that’s another reason the series in Knoxville is huge.

Bottom line - win games, win series and we should be fine.

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