Wallace and Jackson

Where are both of these 2 working, tackle on 2nd group? Do both just need strength, or experience?

Backup LT and RT

Jackson was rotating as the backup left tackle on Saturday. Wallace has been moved to right guard.

I don’t think strength or experience is holding either back. I think it’s more technique and maybe conditioning in Wallace’s case. He just doesn’t have the stamina to hold up at tackle for long amounts of time. That’s why I think the move to guard may be beneficial for him.

I don’t get this stamina thing.

As in you don’t get what I mean by it? Or you don’t understand why that’s an issue for him?

The later or is this code. You sure don’t hear this often as a performance issue with young men.

No code. :lol:

I think he is in great shape relative to most of us. It’s not to say he’s out of shape. But I think we underestimate the conditioning a tackle needs to have. With Wallace, it seems that he tires out a bit faster than some of the other tackles.