Wall Street Journal article today

Clay, or someone that knows how, if you could paste the article today from the WSJ titled “2017 College Football’s Hall of Shame”, I think the Board readers will find it quite interesting. We end up in the “Admirable Powerhouse” quadrant which to me is a clear indication that Coach B is running things the right way. Sure, we all want more wins, but this made me feel pretty good about the U of A football program. Thanks to whoever knows how to paste this…

I saw that this morning. For those who haven’t seen, we are in the upper right quadrant, which means we win and haven’t had off season problems.

These folks that don’t appreciate a clean program need to read the headlines each week. Florida has (10) players suspended for today’s game, Florida State won a national championship with a QB accused of rape and played him throughout his Time in school. Once that QB entered the NFL draft they paid the women a cool couple million in a settlement. But nothing happened to the thug.

If this is the type of behavior it takes to win it’s not worth it. There’s more to win in life than a football game. We win by doing the right thing and haveiing moral standards. Doing the right thing even when nobody is watching and there’s no camera running.

This country has just about lost its moral courage! I pray that our hogs have moral courage. If the result is 0-12 or 12-0 I can accept it!

I agree ArmyHog. BB runs the program the right way. I prefer a Head Coach like him over so many of the bad apples out there.

The whiffs on Oline recruiting are baffling, but that will get corrected. Hopefully, our fan base will be patient.

Agree with all above comments. I want to win as bad as anyoneone, but absolutley proud to be assocoated with what is seen as a clean program.

Good post, ArmyHog. If you have to sell your soul to the devil to win, you have surrendered way too much for a game.

I would post the link, but I was unable to view the article. You must be a subscriber to view it. :frowning: