Walks and unearned runs...

And lack of hitting is a concern.
Oh I get that it’s early, and we are playing freshmen, etc…
But I’m pretty sure Kent St is in Ohio. So we can’t use the “they’ve been able to play more baseball” excuse we used with the west coast teams.

I think we have the players to get to Omaha, but we better find our bats. I keep thinking we will.
Waiting for just some huge inning against solid pitching that will bust us out of this funk.
Just not sold on our approach at the plate right now.
I’ll take my lecture on patience now.

Like I was just saying…
Love our approach at the plate!!

Seriously, swinging for the fences looks great when you make contact.
The big inning I had in mind was more like batting around with lots of solid contact.
But, this’ll do.