Walkons& scholarships

I do believe the Razorbacks have 83 on football scholarships. This number includes K T Marks and Michael Taylor II. I believe in this order these walkons will be awarded scholarships this semester.
#1 Anthony Antwine TE, #2 Johnny Gibson OL and if available one to Matt Emrich LS/H.

I would assume Randy Ramsey is also in line for a scholarship

This is why Randy Ramsey wasn’t awarded a scholarship last January. With less than two years on campus, by NCAA rules he would have become an Initial Counter(one of 25) for the second time. In Jan 2017 he can be given a scholarship (two years on campus) and count against 85 total scholarships only.

The deep snapper at the end of spring was Robert Decker. He was a GA last year, or student coach. But he came out in the spring and won the job. If he holds it in camp, I think he’d be one of those who MIGHT get a scholarship.

You do want to hold scholarships back each year to have that carrot to dangle to draw more and more walk-ons.

I am extremely impressed to the detail that Bielema puts into his walk-on recruiting. There are several in the group this year with solid ability. I fully expect several of those to play before they are done at Arkansas.