Walkons place on scholarship

Loved how he did that. You could tell how much it meant to the team. Could not see the reaction of the 3 involved, but they had to be very happy.

The Players klnow who deserves these things. They will play for this coach I think, but I thought that before and I think they did.

Good info, Matt. If that’s the case, then I think he was an obvious choice!

major change in NCAA rule awarding scholarship to a walk on student-athletic.

Walk on has to be on campus only one year instead of two to count against 85 total scholarship only.

NCAA rule

Most of the time there is a big financial difference in a full scholarship from the school and aid provided by a professional sports organization unless you’re a first round draft pick and can demand a full ride.

I think a lot of times the organization agrees to pay for so many semesters. One of Arkansas’ signees that went pro this year has eight semesters written into his contract. In McClure’s case, that would not cover the summer sessions or intersessions that athletes almost always take to lighten their course load during the fall and spring.

I also doubt the pro teams are covering the full cost of attendance, which would leave the athlete to pay for housing, books and food - all of which are covered by the scholarship.