Walkons place on scholarship

Did anyone asked CCM which walkons were place on scholarship?

It’s been asked several times. His response was that it was still being determined.

do any deserve to be?

Grant Morgan does.

If Limpert is the clear cut winner, I could see him getting one. Other than that, maybe someone like Enlow.

had grant morgan proven anything in a game? …i say wait until at least after the first two games

I thought Grant took advantage of the opportunities he had last year as a freshman as best he could. Had nearly 40 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss and a sack. I just think he has so many of the intangibles you want in a solid defensive player, and I think that should be rewarded.

I think Grant is the most logical choice.

I have to agree with Scottie. If there is one available, he deserves it and so does Connor Limpert.

Hayden Henry got his in December after blueshirting.

Grant had that beautiful pass breakup, really laid his body out horizontal to tip a pass that another defender intercepted in the end zone (Richardson).

Just a great play, and clearly the kind of play that a “scholarship” athlete makes.

Plus the guy has all the intangilbes-locker room leader, effort, instincts. He’s the kind of home-grown player that UA has always had on our very good teams.

No doubt in my mind he deserves a scolly.


There really two different ways to go when awarding scholarships to walk ons. Awarded them to underclassman or to seniors who are using up their eligibility. When awarding scholarships to a senior who is using up his eligibility, this opens up the scholarship for the next recruiting class.

This is who I believe is the most likely to receive a scholarship.

Connor Limpert jr.
Grant Morgan soph.
Ryder Lucas sr.

Generally, if you are in the two deep, that means you deserve a scholarship. I’m interested to see where Tobias Enlow and Tyson Morris fall in the two deep. I think most agree that Grant Morgan is in the two deep and deserves it. I hesitate to give one to a kicker. I assume Connor Limpert is going to be the kicker. He may deserve one, but I suspect we are going to be surprised by what someone like Enlow does this season.

Connor Limpert, Grant Morgan and D’Vone McClure were given scholarships tonight.

Those are three pretty good walkons who deserve scholarship. Limpert did decent handling the place-kicking chores last year, even if his kickoffs weren’t great. Grant Morgan is a defensive player much like his brother was beneficial to the offense. And McClure has impressed the coaches with his play in the secondary. Glad for them.

I had assumed McClure had his way paid by baseball since that is often part of signing contract. He deserves it since he’s likely the starting nickel back.

Great video of the announcement
https://wmtvideo-8b76.kxcdn.com/2018/08 … 1535337647

Man, what a cool thing. Great video. Coach Morris is awesome.

Well deserved by all 3 in my opinion! Need all of them to have solid years, especially Limpert!!!

Yea, a little confused why McClure got one. Obviously, he has deserved it because he seems to be playing at a high level, but this is a strange way to use a scholarship if his way is already paid for. Either way, happy for these guys!

On media day McClure was asked about whether the Indians paid his full cost of college, and he said something along the lines of they did not.