Any news on him? ACT’s don’t usually take this long. He needs to give us a yes or no. If no, we need to sign a center or Powe forward during spring. We need help down low.

We are actually in good shape down low next season: Vanover, Iyola and Jaylin Williams are all 6’9 and above. You also have Chaney and Henderson coming back (although I think Henderson will transfer).

Will agree that Walker would be a great fit at the SF position. Doubt he ever plays college ball.

If he ends up at Arkansas, I’ll be the first to say I’m wrong. Expect him to go overseas.

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He has not even visited us correct ?


I also will not believe he is a true option to join this team until he actually shows up on this campus.

So he has given them a answer to this point and it is no.

Haven’t heard anything about Kyrie lately.
Did he visit Arkansas?
Did he complete his High School requirements and get a qualifying ACT score?
Would he have to have been enrolled by the December 15 deadline to be eligible to play in the spring semester?
Saw where he was hyped about several of the 2020 recruiting commit announcements and how excited he and his family was while watching Mason Jones hit the game winner at Georgia Tech.
IMO he could be the solidifying piece for this team to do some real damage in the SEC.
The addition of his talent would give Coach Muss one more interchangeable player at the 1-3 spot and add depth and scoring punch.
Maybe this ship has sailed, but if not it would be awesome news.

I looked at Walker’s Twitter feed. He’s been on there (some retweets about the Georgia Tech football recruit that died yesterday) but nothing about his plans,

Would he not have to be enrolled by now to be eligible to play next semester?

He’d have to be enrolled for the first day of class, which is the 13th. However, I’d say I have a better chance of winning the lottery tonight than we have of landing Kyree Walker in the next 10 days, and I haven’t bought a lottery ticket.

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I hope you decide to buy a lotto ticket and win!
I also hope we hear within a week that Coach Muss and the Hogs are welcoming Kyrie Walker!
With Coach Muss I believe anything is possible and they have had a good relationship for quite a while.
Wouldn’t that be a great start to a New Year?

Yes it would be a great start. But if there was ever any fire producing smoke in this case, it seems to have died out weeks ago.

If and it is a big if, who’s minutes would Walker take at this time of the season? No practice time and hasn’t played competitive ball all season.

I just don’t see it. Just to learn our defensive schemes would take weeks.

I really think this ship has sailed. If you don’t want to play your senior year of high school its a red flag to me. Lots of people around high school ball have said he’s hard to get along with and not a good teammate. I have no idea if that’s true but when you change schools a lot and don’t finish up your high school career there is usually something up.

Will check, but as of a few days ago, nothing had changed.

I’m not saying that he would come in and be a starter, but this dude can score and we play 7 guys.
I don’t think minutes would be a problem, I believe over the entirety of the season everyone in the rotation would benefit from having a few more minutes of rest per game while adding one of the top 30 players in the 2020 class.

Coming in so late would be very tough to overcome.

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Like Muss said after the game Sunday. People keep saying we will get tired because of only playing 7. Who was the tired team at the end of the Indiana game?

You are not going to come in January and learn Muss’s system in time to make a difference.

Note that students can enroll for spring classes as late as the Friday of the first week. So, technically, as late as Jan 17. Can’t workout with the team until enrolled, and that means he would have missed +/- 67% of the season by that point.

Seems like Kyrie is destined to be the “name” that we remember for years to come and wonder, “what ever happened…?”

To play on this team, you must play great defense. This team is a well oiled defensive machine. I don’t know that someone showing up in the next two weeks can crack the rotation unless he understands the rules of this defensive scheme. As far as the roster, I think what you see is what you’ve got. Personally, I like what I see and don’t want to tinker with it right now.

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I asked about the latest enrollment earlier in a pm to a few individuals. Saw something earlier today that seemed to indicate possible JUCO route.

Not saying that’s the case, but it is interesting that he went from a five star to possible JUCO rather quickly