Walker White will announce from

If you’re saying Arkansas HS football is bad, I would disagree. The good programs in the state hold their own against good out of state programs.

Overall Richard. I agree there are a few good programs. No doubt.

Taylor Powell beat the Hogs.

That’s what I said yesterday,Walker might prove me wrong but I saw him against my Wildcats and I just didn’t see him fitting in Briles offense

So did Ty Storey

Well obviously Freeze thinks he can be a dual threat guy. He knows a little bit about that if you watch Liberty play the last few years

Neither Taylor nor Ty set the world on fire. Ty beating the lowly Razorbacks was just sad. Cool for him but sad. Glad that’s behind us.

I thought about putting Ty Storey down, too. Both Ty and Taylor may not be the best, but they were good.

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All four of the white boys came by my store today after the announcement to get measured for John David’s Wedding here in a few months. All of those boys are athletes but Walker is a beast. I measured him for the suit and pretty sure he might have 1% body fat and the frame you want in a QB. Hudson Henry and Brady Latham came by earlier and said “yeah but its a long time until signing day”. Take that for whatever you want. The White boys were very excited/proud for their brother.


He is going to need every bit of that the first time he meets up with a mean, nasty, freaky LB from Bama or Georgia…assuming he wins playing time.

Big difference between 5A in Arkansas and the SEC…we’ll see.

I am pulling for White to grow and mature, then realize home is where he needs to be. Maybe Enos’s system will win him over. Also, I have a conspiracy theory that White is pledging to AU, while privately telling CSP and CDE that he will switch back at signing day in order to wreck AU’s recruiting. It’s a nice little dream I have going on… :slight_smile:

I don’t think he’s trying to wreck anybody’s recruiting, but he hasn’t signed anything yet.


Something tells me this may not be over he seemed to really like Enos, just hasn’t had enough time with him. We go and put up big numbers in this offense and he may decide to switch.

How many QB’s stay with the team they joined out of HS nowadays? Not many. Walker could but the odds are that he’ll transfer. Who knows?


Or maybe we find someone we like better?
I get being upset over losing a legacy, but how good is this kid really?
We didn’t burn any bridges with him or his family, and nobody seemed all that upset that we weren’t making him a priority while Briles was here.
I just don’t get the angst.

And this is an honest question, how important are HS QB’s today anyway with the portal?
Wouldn’t we take another Franks all day, every day over a HS kid?

Singleton I think it’s going to be a great QB and possibly Criswell too.
The angst is you don’t get a player like White to come through Arkansas but every once in a blue moon and you don’t make him a top priority!! While the rest of the nation does!! Kid has a cannon for an arm and has very good mobility and that’s probably why Freeze recruited him very hard when he got to Auburn.

We will see how he does, I don’t necessarily think it’s a done deal,there is no ink on the paper.


I defer to you, Billy. You know more about football than I care to learn.

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I do think we will be just fine at QB going forward a I mentioned and like you said there’s always good possibilities for QBs in the transfer portal.

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What is bizarre is that Hugh Freeze has not been at Auburn but a few weeks. How did he land Walker White? Does Walker not know about Freeze’s sordid past or is Freeze putting the Jimmy Swaggart rush on him? Strange.