Walker White will announce from

Were we too late to the party, Richard?

We have been out of it for a while. Briles wanted the Hawkins kid.

Caveat here is he can’t sign until December so we have several months to continue to recruit him.

He wasn’t a priority until Enos was hired.


Well, a long time until signing day. Hopefully we can convince him to stay!!

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Coaches have to make the call on who they want and they have the right. Briles wanted Hawkins. That’s not breaking news.

Shouldn’t matter …. Auburn had that much longer ?

I know. I get it, but I don’t have to like it or agree. I feel in-state recruits get an edge. Now, I am no recruiter, but when your elite competitors want a kid and your OC doesn’t, that is concerning.

I like as many instate kids on the field. It just means more watching the ARKANSAS Razorbacks. Not that I don’t love our out of state kids, but watching somewhere down the road is special.

Not concerning at all, had room for 1 and went after the QB he felt best fit his offense.

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It is concerning because now we won’t be getting either Hawkins or White unless a miracle is worked before December.

Kind of went through this with Jacolby Criswell. I believed and said at the time Arkansas should’ve taken Chandler and Jacolby.

I just posted a few minutes coaches have the right to do what they believe is best. That said I would’ve taken Walker.

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Didn’t it used to be common to sign 2 QBs?

We didn’t sign ANY last year (probably a first) and we struggled mightily when KJ went down.

Not saying that I did not want Walker, I think we always want top prospects from Arkansas, but with the portal environment it seems a team can be almost as stymied by timing and spacing of their recruits in key positions like QB and RB as by missing a recruit. A top player will not sit long awaiting their time. A QB probably expects to take the reins by year two, if willing to wait that long.

KJ will be gone before White’s freshman year begins, but seems more likely that one of the quarterbacks with a little more time in the program would have a leg up. I would think this upcoming season will be a time for Enos to not only work with KJ, but also get a good assessment on whether we have a quarterback or quarterbacks capable of being playmakers for 2024. If he is not comfortable with what he feels he has, then we better be prepared to work the portal. In addition, a big task for Enos is finding current talented Sophomores and build close relationships to ensure we don’t miss in two recruiting cycles.

Of course there is a long time between now and November and who knows what opportunities arise, possibly even with White. I have confidence that Enos is more up to the challenges ahead, both in coaching and in recruiting.

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Referring to Sam’s presser yesterday, paraphrasing 'cause I’m to lazy to watch again, “We got enough QB’s.”

We didn’t have enough last year. Again, we didn’t sign a QB last year.

In the last 20 years, the trend has solidified around having ONE QB per class. It is tough to get more than one to buy in to one being “the guy” and the other being the “insurance policy.” At no position is there a need for a clear #1 than at QB.

Lots of QBs out there. We have four on scholarship right now. Who knows what happens once the February no/limited contact period is over.

Eh, so what….move on. Name the last Arkansas HS quarterback who went out of state and excelled. There aren’t any.

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Danny Bradley and Mike Cherry are all I can think of.

Mike Cherry is a pretty good one. He had a pro career. But didn’t he at least start in Fayetteville then transfer to — Murray State? Can’t recall where he played college ball.

Eric Mitchell/Danny Bradley — maybe. Bradley did better at OU.

Mitch didn’t do anything at USC.

Gerry Bohanan lost his job at Baylor but did ok, I guess.

We see what Criswell is doing.

Houston Nutt didn’t really excel at Okla. St.

Mallett played some at Michigan I suppose.

Auburn had a couple of NWA kids that never did much.

Slim pickings. Overall bad high school football is hard to overcome if you’re a QB wanting to play at a high level out of state.