Walker White visiting 5 schools in January

seems to be determined to make an early decision and commitment. Arkansas, Aubbie and Bama in the same week. His mom or parents are getting plenty or road experience.

not sure if Braylen Russell will continue travels with Amy at the wheel.


He was going to visit Arkansas Friday and Saturday but a family member was sick so wasn’t able.

It just doesn’t sound like the Hogs are in the cards for White.

But QB Michael Hawkins is committing January 31, I read, so we may get our next QB commitment soon.

If we lose Hawkins I think arkansas will try to get back in with walker.

Truthfully the young man could make nfl money as a tight end. Ridiculous athletic ability.

I would rather we were targeting the Arkansas kid.
I have started to think ignoring stars makes me sleep better. If any of the top teams in the SEC or Clemson thinks they can play and are worth recruiting then I want him. If he is from Arkansas I want him more.
Personally our recent success with Texas multi-skilled QBs is poor at the very best. I would try to get both, but I would have been putting a full court press on White from the start. Maybe they have and Richard would know this, but all things being equal give me the Arkansas kid every time.

Me speculating but since his older brothers, uncle and grandfather as well as dad were athletes at arkansas he may want to just blaze his own trail.

Ole miss makes an enticing offer with kiffin as coach and the miss America contestants in the student body.

The archer kid at greenwood is for sure the real deal qb.

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Hawkins has been my #1 in the 2024 class for a long time. White seems to be a very good QB, but a notch, or two, behind him. I like @pike1205 comment - he wants to blaze his own trail.