Walker White’s final schools

in no order Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Baylor. He said in a story and I confirmed.

Decision coming fairly soon.


Would think this is between arkansas and Clemson

Seems, at least for a while, many were thinking Ole Miss was the favorite. A change or never really the case?

What you thinking RD… do you think we have a very good shot??

Yeah Keith many on this board had him headed to play for the flopnecks. Hope he stays home. I have a good feeling about it.

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Ole Miss was definitely in play for awhile.

Any further word on Hawkins. He is supposed to announce tomorrow I thought but guessing that ship sailed when Briles exited stage left.

As of now, don’t see him and Arkansas. He did delay his announcement though.

Thanks RD

Clearly then Walker is #1 on our board and pretty sure he found that out when he was last here!

Once again it looks like we’re going to let a great recruit leave the state. That’s why we can’t make up any ground.

You lost me, Billy. Walker is the Arkansas kid, and it looks very likely we will get him. Did I miss something?

Oh I misread RD’S post, he was talking about Hawkins.,my bad… yeah we need to keep White for sure


Haha……that may be my fault Billy for asking RD the question in this thread….sorry bud.

No it’s not your fault brother… I see Hawkins name in your post (that RD was replying to) now that I took time to look at it LOL I was multitasking as usual and just wasn’t paying attention!! That was all my fault.

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Do we have a shot at WW?

Before briles left No as Hawkins was his preferred choice.

Enos has given arkansas a chance. Not sure what happened in Oxford with walker but not complaining. Maybe the 3 qb’s from portal.

Clemson will be tough to battle here.

Enos got us back in the game. But he has really found a bond with Hugh Freeze and his message of family, faith, and culture change at Auburn. And he told Walker he could help be a leader of the change. Arkansas has to continue to show the love. Coach Aranda and Baylor has made a hard charge lately.

Auburn and Clemson are concerns, but glad Ole Miss is not on the list.

I can’t imagine how Freeze can ply his film flam with families understanding the adolescent mind tends to seek absolutes surrounded in an external world filled with complexity. Hopefully, the steadiness of Enos’ work history can appeal successfully to this young man.