Walker White gets Big 10 offer

Richard what is your gut telling you here?
I would be making him priority one, but I am not this coaching staff.
He has too many really good offers for him not to be a top prospect that can play in the SEC.
Once when I was job hunting there was one place I really wanted to work. Every time I did a single thing in hunting I went there too. I ended up working there eleven years.
I would do the same for White.

The staff seems to have the Hawkins kid ranked above white or so it appears to me.

I tend to think ole miss is probably the leader in the clubhouse for walker but that is just my guess on chatter I hear

If he doesn’t come here, and it doesn’t appear that will happen, then I hope he goes out of conference. But I bet that doesn’t happen either… lol

he is good enough to wait and analyze what is best for his chances to move on up. Seems like a kid that can fit anywhere and that the concept of a fence around the state for recruiting is continually diminishing. Interestingly 24/7 believes Walker is 100% Ole Sissy and Hawkins is 100% OU. I don’t agree but that is what their guys think.

on3 has Ole Missy at 98.5%, Hawkins 95%

one stat that has to change with KJ is number of QB’s drafted from AR recently which is now zero.

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