Walker Kessler to Auburn

They recruited him hard out of high school

This league isn’t getting any easier.

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We need someone with some strength on the glass.

Let’s see. The current roster includes:

6-10, 245 (4.7 RPG this year)
6-9, 230 (6.9 RPG in two years at Stetson)
6-7, 215 (5.8 RPG in two years at UALR)
7-3, listed at 247, but we know better, although he may be that big by November (4.7 RPG)

It’s not like we have no one on the roster who can get a rebound.

6-9 225 Mawein as well

Correct. Left him off. Mawein averaged 5.2 rebounds in junior college.

Auburn has got themselves a nice collection of front court talent

Already on the roster

JT Thor 6-10 5 star
Akingbola 6-10
Jaylin Williams 6-8


Jabbari Smith. 6-10 5 star freshman
Walker Kessler 7-1 5 star sophomore

They lose Sharife Cooper, but they had a good collection of young guards last year who will have a year of experience under them. They also add 4 star SG Trey Alexander that Muss wanted.

Auburn could be that surprise SEC team in 2021-22.

I saw someone who had Auburn in their way-too-early top 25 last week (Seth Davis, I think) and that was before Kessler.

Don’t know anything about the existing or incoming bigs for Auburn, but wonder how this team fits the trend toward positionless basketball?

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