Walk out music

Here are all of the walk out songs for players this year: http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/soundsofbaum/

This is my annual reminder that I am not up on what college students listen to on their phones. My tastes are apparently in line with Keaton McKinney, Evan Lee and Cody Scroggins.

I had no idea what most of this might have been. Of course, I loved Keaton’s Johnny Cash tune. It’s on my phone. I was not surprised that Zack Plunkett picked a Christian tune. Reflects his values and his mission work on campus through Athletes In Action.

I remember Dire Straits being on the playlist at George Cole Field in the early 80s.

Someone needs to change the words of who let the dogs out to " who let the hogs out!

This is a concept that completely escapes my understanding. What is the reason for the walkout music and why is it important?