Walk-ons and Scholly Question

Seems we are about to experience a great purge. I’m guessing that will mean
that we will not have a full 85 players. I know the SEC has a 25 a year limit
for signing with a little bit of grey area if you undersign the previous year you
can count some back.

So my question is… We are looking at 29 coming in this year (25 + 4 back).
Can/If you get some players to walk-on and then have free schollies because
of the purge, can you turn right around and give em a scholly? How long does
a walk-on have to wait to get on Scholly?

I realize this is a end around on the limit rules, just curious how that would
all work out. Sorta like telling a player… come as a walk-on for the paper-work
and we will guarantee to find you a Scholly really quickly.

You can only put 29 new guys on scholarship for the 2019 season.

You could push some forward in Dec., but not before then.

I believe also, only a recruited walk on can practice with the team before school starts the fall semester.

NCAA rule (revised in 2018) A walk-on with one or more years on campus can be placed on scholarship and count against 85 limit only.

This means anyone less than one year on campus place on scholarship, whether a walk-on, grad transfer or transfer becomes an Initial Counter. (one of 25)