Walk-on Scholarships

Arkansas at present time has 81 football players on scholarship. The team must be at 85 scholarships at the beginning 2020-21 academic year in order to bring midterm enrollees.

Here is who I project will be awarded scholarships at the beginning of the new school year.
Luke Jones RS Soph, Sam Loy RS Senior, Elias Hale RS Senior and transfer J Crawford RS Junior to be.

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Without looking at the roster, I would say that’s not a bad list.

After video watching of CSP yesterday, I would like clear up what he said about J Crawford the OU transfer. When the reporter asked about Crawford scholarship status because Arkansas had already signed their maximum scholarship limit of initial scholarship counters. (25) CSP answer by saying Crawford would would pushed into 2121 (as an initial scholarship counter) CSP also said Crawford would count in the count for 2121. (meaning that Crawford would become an initial scholarship counter in the 2121 initial scholarship limit of 25) He did not say when Crawford would be place on scholarship.

J Crawford is nonrecruited walk-on at the present time. Here is why
Crawford did not make an official visit to Arkansas this cycle.
Crawford did not have a schedule off campus meeting with an Arkansas coach this cycle.
Crawford does not have a WRITTEN scholarship offer from Arkansas this cycle.
Crawford does have a verbal scholarship offer from Arkansas.

NCAA rule states
A nonrecruited walk-on can be placed on scholarship and push forward to the next year if a school has reach their limit on initial scholarship counters for present year, if they have room in overall scholarship limit of 85.

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Well done Big John.

I will correct one statement in your original post. You said they “must” be at 85. They do not have to be at 85 when the school year starts. Just can’t be over 85. They can be at the full 85 if they decide. Just because you have a scholarship, you don’t have to award it. You can hold it because you fear you won’t be able to award 25 in the next class and stay under the limit. You would have to know how much attrition you are going to have after the fall.

Crawford will be on ship in the fall.

My bad, I did not finish the sentence in the op.

Lets restate this, NCAA rule a team must be at 85 scholarship limit in order to bring midterm enrollees. In other words a school can not bring in January enrollees unless they are at maximum scholarship limit of 85.

This link is to the 2019-20 NCAA D1 Manual.

Correct, which is why we will be at 85 by the time fall semester starts.

Arkansas without a doubt will be at 85 scholarships when the new school year starts.

NCAA rule was put in place to serve as an incentive, but also to serve as a reward for universities to improve their graduation rate. (GR)

This rule goes back to 1999. So it is probably safe to say, Arkansas has been going into each new football season for the last 20 years with a full roster of 85 scholarships.

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