Walk-on Cade Arbogast placed on scholarship

Eric Musselman made the announcement in front of the team:


Good for him!

Did we have a scholly to spare or did someone not make the grades and this free up a scholly? We are right at the start of the second semester.

What gives? He almost never plays. Does the team need an APR boost?

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Happy for him. But this is a bit strange. Didn’t think we had any open scholarships left. Somebody leaving?

From what I understand Arkansas entered the season with 12 on scholarship. He makes 13, the maximum, and it is only for the semester. Just rewarding a kid who works hard.


That’s what I thought, another site disagrees

I think Muss has got it under control. Happy for the young man.


The video is awesome how Muss announced his scholly


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