Wake @ Duke

The Deamon Deacons had to play 5 against 8 down the stretch. Barrett got by with what should have been a F-1. Every call went Duke’s way. Pitiful but the ACC is taking care of their blue blood cash cow.
RJ Barret got by with walking, charging, the F-1 and carrying on offense. The last shot by Wake hit every part of the rim. Of course the whistle wasn’t going to blow on that end of the floor.
Duke wins by 1. They aren’t very good without the big man!

Wake is really, really bad. #198 in NET rating. Vandy is 0-16 in the SEC and is 55 spots above that. If Duke doesn’t get Zion back they ain’t winning the NC.

Wake had their chance at the end, they just plain blew it.

Duke just isn’t that good. Especially without Zion.
Also Kansas was getting beat at OU earlier. I haven’t seen the score in a little while. They are that good either.

I watched the first half of that game, and came away thinking that Wake’s guards have to drive Danny Manning insane. They have a lot of talent, but they also have a tendency to bad judgment in critical times, and they are too sloppy with the ball.