Waiting on Malzahn

Am I off base here, but it seems there is NO WAY POSSIBLE that we would or could wait for Malzahn if he is headed to the CFP. There is no way we could assume that risk. No way.

One simple change of mind, and we are sitting in Jan with no coach at all. And a blown recruiting class.

That is how I see it.

If we wait till January to name a coach we are in a pile of Trouble.

You are correct; no way you can do that with the way the signing periods line up.

Last baseball season, Ray Tanner apparently thought he could convince Florida’s Kevin O’Sullivan to come back to South Carolina. O’Sullivan and Florida were in a similar love/hate relationship as it appears Malzahn and Auburn are now. Tanner kept waiting for Florida to lose but the Gators ended up winning the College World Series. A day or two later Tanner ended up hiring an up-and-comer from South Florida.

A difference is that baseball’s signing period is not until November. There was time to wait.

Another way of looking at it is, whoever its going to be is most likely not going to get here in time to cobble together a great or even very good class. Paul Finebaum said the other day, “If Malzahn is coming to Arkansas, he’s going to be bringing a SECW trophy, possibly a lot bigger one. What’s a couple or three weeks when he will almost certainly have 6 or 7 years to turn it around”

Like I said, its another way of looking at it. The risk obviously is will the coach you’re waiting on actually show up for the party. Personally, my interest in GM as our next HC has gotten much higher after the bama win and will continue to grow if he continues to win. IMO, its worth losing a recruiting class IF HE WAS CERTAIN TO COME. If there’s any doubt…and no doubt there is, we ought to be getting the next best option out there and as quickly as possible.

But he can’t sign a contract, until he is out of his contract at Auburn. And he can’t do that while they are still playing.

Seems you CAN’T guarantee him if he is in the CFP. Do you trust Sexton in that scenario?

Never been a Gus fan; however, beating two #1 ranked teams back
to back is more than a little impressive. Just because you have great
talent doesn’t always lead to the expected win/loss ratio. Sumlin at
A&M and Brown at Texas are both examples of coaching not living
up to expectations. I like 3-4 other possibilities that have been mentioned
on this board lately. Hope springs eternal for a Hog fan.

Not true. That might not be what happens, but he most certainly can do it. Either way, he’s breached his contract with Auburn (unless they mutually agree to rescind it.)

I think Mack Brown more than lived up to Texas’ expectations for many years. You can’t make it 16 years at a place like that if you’re not living up to expectations. It wasn’t until the final few that he fell out of favor. The run he had from 2001-09 was phenomenal - never fewer than 10 wins and never more than three losses.

So maybe he can do it legally, but not while keeping his team. Do you think he can take a team into the CFP when he has told them he is leaving … for Arkansas … after they lose? Maybe the NFL, but another SEC school? Don’t think his players would be in for that?

Until we have a new AD how would you get a coach to commit, we don’t want to take back first place from Rocky Top on the bad decisions list by a program. It feels like we will hang on through the weekend before any news comes forth with it all depending on the Auburn/Georgia game. If Auburn loses Gus will call and tell the powers who he wants for AD and this will be over,if Auburn wins we crank up the rumor mill another notch. WPS

We will have a new coach by this time next week…one way or the other.

I do not think he’s coming. Trey Biddy said on DTS tonight that he has source that says Gus will sign an extension of his contract at Auburn before the SECCG. We’ll see.

Matt, Brown like Bowden lost their ‘fire or want to’ years before their
end of coaching happened. They kept getting lots of 4* and 5* recruits
but the performance slacked. They should have been able to continue
what they had but it ended with a whimper. Recruiting off stars rather
than filling needs. Gus apparently still has the drive. Winning covers
a multitude of sins in college football.
It is a puzzle to me that A&M has not continued winning at a much higher
clip than has happened since Johnnie football left CS. The stars must
be out of alignment. Unfortunately, for the Aggies, the Longhorns will not stay down forever.

Will he have that long? I’m not saying he shouldn’t, but all we heard until CBB was gone is that this is Year 5. I don’t know that our people will wait around for six or seven years. By that point, we’ll be talking Year 12 or 13 since the ditch ride.