Waiting for tonight, feeling good but cautious & wondering-----

--------------- where this team would have been if Pallette had not been injured? Every pitching position would have been stronger with Connor moving to the 2nd slot and either Hagen or Wiggins taking the third with the other moving to the pen.

This team CAN get hot and lucky and go much further toward the CWS so I am not giving up going “woe is us” or anything. Everybody has injuries to overcome, but that one player, possibly the best pitcher in college ball, would have made a big difference.

We need to get over this hump and match OkieState’s toughness and hot streak with one of our own. We got talent. It is time for one of our available pitchers to do what so many on the other side have done against us. Pitch a great couple of innings for a victory. Go Hogs.

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Everyone loses pitchers at every level. Just part of the deal.

Last year’s team was impacted by injuries to Pallette and Slavens. The thought over the winter was that Pallette was healthy. But he has not thrown much since the spring injury. Maybe it was more hope that he was healthy than true knowledge.

But if he came back as projected - best right handed prospect in college baseball - this team would be different.

But, ask where M State would be with their closer. It’s the same everywhere. A Friday SEC starter or/and closers both have great value.

Yup, no point in wondering. The real question is, does Pallette return?

Palette if he’s drafted as high as projected should sign and go! The hogs would be much different with Pallette for sure.

I heard an OSU reporter on the radio this morning say that the OSU Sunday starter was injured just before their conference tournament. Sounds like they’re as thin as we are.

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