Waiting for Beard makes no sense unless..................................


  1. HY has knowledge that the rest of us don’t, someone who knows Beard well from his days at Arkansas, that makes HY think he MIGHT throw away all he has built up at Tech for the same money at Arkansas. You know we won’t outbid Tech, they will match any offer. It makes no sense for him to throw away a great recruiting class on the way and the power that this final 4 will give him and Tech to recruit even better in the future. Family close by, etc. If it makes no sense on the surface and it still goes on, there may be something we don’t know. Maybe?

  2. Or…some idiot on the BOT has demanded that Beard has to turn our offer down before any other coach will be considered and the final four has just dragged this out. HY, being a new AD, doesn’t have the power to just say no and move on.

  3. During this wait, there are indications that HY has been actively meeting with coaches and agents to be thorough in his search which implies he might move quickly to hire someone once the shackles are off. It looks like he is zeroing in on a high mid to low major coach with lots of head coaching experience.

  4. Arkansas has slipped a lot in recent years and there seems a very slim chance for some “knock your socks off” coach to want to come to Arkansas. Don’t think Bill Self is going to finally come to Arkansas.

Bill Self is damaged goods. I expect a show cause on him.

I truly hope we have contacted him and offered a lifeline. Would be huge spark this program needs. Major pub.

“unless HY has knowledge that the rest of us don’t”


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  1. He does. He so does.

  2. PTBs certainly have their opinions

  3. Yes

  4. I will never use that phrase again.

Maybe we already have Beard locked up.
Maybe this thing is already over.
Maybe going to the Final 4 just extended the wait.

Beard is not coming.

The whole “waiting for Beard” thing is nonsensical really. It’s like how Coach Broyles could not talk to Billy Gillespie until he got permission from the A&M Athletic Director…things had not and have not been done that way for years.

I have a good friend who’s one of the big donors at Tech; Beard is getting a huge raise, and Arkansas and other schools are helping make that happen. The Tech folks aren’t bitter, they are glad to pay him.

As has been said, all the negotiating is done behind the scenes via agents/lawyers. There’s not an interview process such that an AD hast to wait, etc. If a coach has a meeting or sit-down with an AD, he’s taking the job, it’s simply a formality.

It used to be there were lots of leaks, and the media and faithful could with some accuracy know who the next Coach would be before the announcement. That’s also changed.

The leaks now happen when somebody is NOT taking the job, and they want to get the word out it’s not happening. That’s happened with Sampson and Beard. It’s also a part of the negotiation strategy when the Coach is getting a raise to keep him in place.

If we are not waiting on Beard, then who we waiting on. I think HY is smart enough to have someone lined up if it is not Beard. i will take Bill Self NOW

Arkansas might not be one of the elite jobs but Arkansas is arguably the best job of the current openings assuming Dixon has agreed to go to UCLA. ARKANSAS could quickly drop from that #1 perch if LSU, Arizona or Texas were to come open but for right now Arkansas is the best opportunity for any coach looking for a change of scenery.

Coaches do not go out and broadcast that they are looking for a change so we really have no way of knowing who might be available, but you better believe that the Arkansas AD has the capacity to know who is interested by simply making a call to the coach’s agent and I would guess that Beard’s agent has provided enough encouragement to cause Arkansas to put a pause on the search process.

These agents have one goal in mind and what better way to accomplish that goal than to get two schools into a little bidding war so expressed interest does not necessarily mean much but at the present time Arkansas is the best job opportunity available and think they are smart to play this thing out for a few more days so that they actually know who is and who is not available. As far as I can tell there is no clear choice in the current pool of available options so they basically have nothing to lose by waiting.

The perfect window of opportunity is to make their choice while they are the best job on the market and that window should stay open long enough for them to get this thing wrapped up. I say that assuming that Texas will not change coaches after winning the NIT.


Lifeline from what? If we hire him and the NCAA throws the book at him for buying players with Adidas money, we take the brunt of it as much as Kansas does.

Will take me out of an 8 day depression now if that happens.

Perhaps a stupid question, but if you make $10M at Lubbock or $6M at Arkansas, where would you be happier? I don’t recall much about Lubbock. But I know what NWA offers.