Waited to post

Disappointed but proud of our team.

Won’t second guess DVH. Best in America

I was down on Kopps early in his tenure at Arkansas , but most valuable player for a team in the country. Hats off to him. What a tremendous representative of our state and university.

Franklin going through slump at worst possible time

Pitching did not lose this series for us

Feel sorry of Opitz and Kopps and the players that will leave.

Paillette injury really hurt us, tough break

Was impressed w NC St coach. He trusted 3 freshmen pitchers and they came through big time.

Watched every game this year, what an exciting year.

Someone different seemed to step up almost every series we played. What a team effort.

Proud of our baseball team. Records will go down in history books. Way to go Hawgs. A year to remember.

Thanks for the memories.


Well stated Razor. Did not see this coming much like the elite 8 for the men’s basketball team. The entire team represented the university very well. Kopps will be long remembered name in Hawgs Baseball and I bet there are alot of kids in Arkansas wearing his jersey this morning.

I will enjoy the fans treatment of NJIT team . What a class thing to do and much needed after the recent covid world we had to endure the past year plus. Good day to be a Razorback fan.

Now let’s recruit some more players and get back to Omaha next year.


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