Wagner's back trouble

I have a couple of doctor friends who tell me both the same thing. Most lower back problems could really be helped tremendously by sleeping in the fetal position which aligns your back perfectly. I have done that ever since they told me that…I have some degeneration in my back because I’m older but overall my back is in great shape and I believe sleeping in the fetal position really helps bc it makes sure back lines up perfectly… just FYI from what my doctor friends have told me

Thank you very much. I’m going to try this in addition to the exercises I do daily.

After years of pain, solved my chronic lower back problems & muscle spasms thru a daily stretch exercise. While laying down my back on the floor, I park my butt next to a door jam & rest my heel straight up in a vertical position on that door jam. My back & each leg are effectively at a 90 degree angle for about 30 seconds. I alternate each leg 2 or 3 times. That stretches the hamstrings (especially as I straighten my knee) which in turn takes the pressure off my lower back. Learned that tightened hamstrings was pulling my lower back & causing the ongoing back pain. I have not had recurring back issues in years since doing this.

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