Wade strikes again in spite of

NCAA is worthless.

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Robbery in plain sight but they didn’t see it happen. Oh well.

I’m not sure why people keep expecting LSU and Wade to get in any substantive trouble. They aren’t.

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That is exactly the case. Unfortunately. I think Wade covered his tracks well.

What really burns me up is these college boards and presidents looking the other way when they know their program is really dirty. They have zero integrity. You can bet they’ll be all over students cheating. Sigh…

I just don’t understand why LSU continues to skate? They are far from a blue blood. The NCAA looks like a joke when it comes to LSU. I mean, they’ve got Wade dead to rights on audio. I will never understand this.

Everybody cheats on some level!
Also, this whole mess is more of an indictment on Wade’s inability to coach all these highly rated (and compensated) players.
It’s not like LSU has become a perennial top 10 team under Wade.

The President of the NCCA is the former President of LSS…need I say more

Sorry - LSU…

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Maybe Wade has something on someone the NCAA doesn’t want publicized.

Not true. Not every school cheats.

Thanks for the info!

It’s coming, just not as quick as some hoped for at the beginning.

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The IARP was supposed to handle more complicated enforcement cases, like LSU (with two sports in trouble at the same time). But to this point IARP hasn’t done squat to anybody. Not Kansas, not Arizona, not Memphis, not Louisville. And certainly not SAO.

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