Wade caught making payment offers at LSU

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … sing-offer

I’m guess he’ll get a NBA gig soon, sign a huge deal, be back in college in 5, and coach KY or N.C. , Duke.

With this revelation, will the NCAA, SEC, and LSU stand by the Golden Boy? It also sounds like LSU just got caught lying about Wades phone call conversations. Can and or will LSU face consequences for that? Will the Golden Boy spill his guts to the FBI to avoid jail time? Hopefully these questions will be answered in short order.

I can answer them now, Wade, LSU, and the NCAA were victims of Dawkins. Nothing more, move along

Willing victims who knew exactly what they were doing. If ever the system is going to be changed, it’s now. Not holding my breath

People came at Daniel Gafford and he could have taken $$$ and gone somewhere else.

I’ve mentioned this before.

But he loved his state, loved the UA, wanted to be the next Bobby Portis, loved Coach Anderson and thought he and his family could wait and do it the right way.

Loyalty is what Big Dan has! A strong ethical young man whose family taught him the right thing to do is to earn what you get. I respect Gafford for being a hog and having integrity.
The NCAA has turned their back on unethical conduct and now they are in a pickel. It time to either do what’s right or close up shop.
With the release of the news yesterday if the NCAA ever had cause to immediately put a post season ban on a school and place them on probation the time is now!
LSU and their AD have also created a monster. The Will Wade (Cal want to be ) may have been too bold to get by with this mess.
The SEC office may have ran their mouth too much about the great job Wade has done recruiting and getting LSU back in back to winning.
Seth G. ( the fired ineffective coach) who loves what Wade has done at LSU must have the blueprint down pretty good since he’s helped his buddy Honest Ben at Miss ST to flip Perry. Maybe there’s something too the statement that honest men finish last! If that’s true I can handle being last. If you have to cheat and resort to unethical conduct to win your really not winning anything.
The cat isn’t out of the bag on these great hard working recruiters
Bill Self, Kansas
Sean Miller, Arizona
John Calipari, Kentucky
Coach “K”, Duke
Bruce Pearl, Auburn
Roy, Williams, N Carolina
There are many more. Maybe it’s time for fan bases like ours to realize the way some our opponents are bearing us and realize it’s more important to have a coach that does his job the right way and teaches young men to be good young men as well as play basketball.
Win at all cost isn’t the right thing to do and I want no part of it!

There are a lot around here that would take the win at all costs route obviously for a few years of fame then fall, or they have on blinders and think we can get an Honest Abe Coach that can get us the same.