W Hall

I generally don’t read Wally anymore, but his article in the ADG this morning is right on the money,in my opinion. Sad times.

I’ll take your word on that article. I’ve avoided _ally for the past decade.

It was a solid article about the state of things. I noticed he never mentioned Mike Anderson’s name. Rumors flying, smoke billowing and nothing from Wally on this. He is about as connected as I am.

If, H Y is going to make a change, he needs to go ahead and do it and NOT DRAG it out.

Actually, Wally was almost coherent…

Nothing wrong with wanting a change in the head coach, but two things in that article bothered me.

I don’t know how you can put football and basketball programs on the same level. Basketball program was in NCAA. Tournament 3 out of last 5 years. Football with 7-6, 4-8 and 2-10 in last three seasons. Basketball with 26-10, 23-12 and 17-15 seasons.

Second, he says they are “once again” missing the NCAA Tournament. Again, they were just there last year and the year before.

I usually like Wally’s articles. This one was not good.

Wally is a terrible writer, but he has accurately stated the collective feeling of Razorback Nation. Depressed with no hope. Most of us have given up.

I don’t think running off Mike Anderson is the answer, but I also don’t understand why his teams have not performed at a higher level.

I tuned basketball out long ago. I don’t enjoy watching my beloved Hogs lose all the time, and I don’t need that negativity in my life. I tune in when I can, and tune out once it becomes obvious the game is going to be another loss.

Basketball has done much better than football these past few years — but do remember that basketball is average at best.

In basketball, it’s been 24 years since Arkansas was a national player. An entire generation has known nothing but mediocre Hog basketball.

The truth is depressing but clear, that approximate 20 year span from 1976 through 1995 was an exceptional and magical time, but exceptional and the exception to the reality of Razroback basketball.

I usually read Wally only sparingly also but did read him today. I agree he was right on point.

I find this entire post very funny…“I don’t read Wally but I did today” either you read Wally or you don’t. Can’t be both ways.

Possibly they read him because of the posts/headline, what are you the “All Knowing Seer” ? :sunglasses:

Exactly. One can read him occasionally & not be someone who “reads his column.” You nailed it for me. I rarely read him anymore, but if the headline grabs me, I might. I did today. Also did a couple of weeks ago. Might again two weeks from now. Might not.

Wally’s columns are like driving by a car wreck, or channel surfing past bull riding - hard not to stop and look to see if there is any carnage.

Once upon a time, the lead sports opinion piece in the Sunday paper would be the prevailing influence on the attitude of fans. Now it seems like an eccentric, confusing piece trying to figure out what is going on so the writer can be a part of the stampede towards what eventually happens.

I get it. I’d hate to have to write the same column for 15 years - football has momentary promise, only to land with a resounding thud, while basketball continues to pine for its glory days with little hint of “momentary promise.”

I read the article, now I wish I could get the few minutes of my life back I wasted reading it. Comparing the FB and BB programs is a false comparison. Although the BB team fail short of making the ncaa tournament and lost some very disappointing close games the program is in no way in the same shape as the FB program. It seems that firing coaches for the last 30-40 years didnt work out very well.

Yep, I wish the football team had been doing as well as the basketball team. There would be a lot less unrest among the Razorback fans.