Vt and Old Dominion

At the half VT 7 ODU 10 with 42 sec till half.

Q1: Illini 7 - Hoosiers 3

Seeing lots of penalties in these first games, not really surprised, just hope we don’t have dumb ones, like these late hits out of bounds and late hits on qb’s.

Illinois was hosed big time on missed TD call (review) in the end zone. The commentators were incredulous, flabbergasted, after being absolutely certain it would be ruled a TD. There was no clear call one way or the other after play, at least not one that we heard on the broadcast. If Illinois doesn’t tighten up their secondary, they will be in big trouble. Overall, an entertaining game, and there is the homeboy Lundy factor.


Wow! How bad has VT fallen? ODU is picked to come in last in the Sunbelt Conf. Game looks like two mediocre high school teams playing.

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Bielema still married to the hottie? Didn’t see a ring on.

She prolly got the money and ran.

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Final - Old Dominion 20, Va Tech 17.

Va Tech fans, I know your pain. Was there myself not long ago.

Oh well, little brother beat the better team, but this game makes the ODU season. VT had nothing to win and a lot to lose in this game. HY, are you watching?

This is a really bad loss for VA Tech. ODU’s first football team played in 2009 in FCS division (other than a team that ended play in 1940 after 10 years of football). They moved to conf. USA in 2013 as an FBS team. This year, they moved to the Sun Belt. Much worse even than the Hogs losing to AR State…

By the way, ODU also beat VA Tech in 2018. So that’s 2 pathetic losses. Boy do they miss Beamer.

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VT was only a 6 and a half point favorite over ODU, so it wasn’t THAT surprising a loss. I think we are 6 and a half point favorites over Cincinnati. Hope VT didn’t set any precedents.

Indiana scored late to win 23-20.

Yes, BB’s still married to Jen. They have two daughters now.